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Animated characters from the movie "inside out" with joy in the center, surrounded by sadness, anger, and disgust, in a colorful setting, expressing a range of emotions.

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  1. M. Kulak

    While not trying to sound like a broken record, where is Elemental 2 announcement?? or at least the Disney plus series they spoke about??

  2. GH

    I read the plot of Inside Out 2 and when parents find out, I think it’ll be another dud. Stop the sequels and come up with something original. Travel around the world for stories from other countries and make a hit like Coco and Encanto. And stop the live action. We need another creative talent like Walt.

    1. Steamboat Willie

      I’d say countries like India, Japan, heck even continents like Africa or South America have movie potential.

      Also, I’d love for you to give some details on Inside Out 2… 👀

  3. M.Kulak

    Sequels are not bad as long as they do a good mix of new movies with them. As I ask before where is Elemental 2? With good writers this could be a great series of movies but they need to mix it in with newer movies. We don’t need another Finding Nemo or Ratatouille but yes for the Incredibles . Take the movies that left the doors open for more movies and try to keep to a minimum the new age of thinking. Yes there were characters in Lightyear but let’s leave it at that. We don’t need a movie that this become the center of the movie. I hope that Inside Out works out but I have heard many bad things about it and I am no Inside Out fan.

  4. M.Kulak

    sequels if done correctly are well worth producing. Movies such as Elemntal, The Incredibles, Cars, and Toy Story can be very profitable. Just re-hashing the same old story like Finding Nemo and Inside Out seem like a waste of time for me. You can get some great stories out of Elemental and the Incredibles. I hated when cartoons would run a story line and never finish it because it didn’t sell enough toys. Good Luck to inside out two but from what I read it might already have a strike against it!

  5. M.Kulak

    My apologies for the double post the website waited almost a full day before they put it up. Also new week and still waiting for word on Elemental!

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