Disney Park Guests Kicked out After Waiting Three Hours in Line

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Disneyland Resort guests were furious on Wednesday after Indiana Jones Adventure broke down mid-ride. Disney cast members evacuated dozens of guests who had waited in a three-hour line for the attraction.

Indiana Jones Adventure is one of Disneyland Park’s most problematic rides–not for its content, but for a lack of maintenance. Despite numerous refurbishment closures, the boulder scene, swinging doors, a rubble effect, and other attraction features haven’t worked correctly in years. Some broke less than a year after Indiana Jones Adventure opened in 1995 and haven’t been fixed since.

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TikTok user @katsuking808 and his party used Disney Genie+ for Indiana Jones Adventure, waiting only ten minutes in line for the ride. But when it broke down halfway through, the Disney Park guest sympathized with others who had waited three hours in the standby queue. He shared this video of his experience evacuating the Disneyland Park attraction:


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“They evacuated everybody out of the front car, and we’re stuck,” the guest explained. “Three-hour line, these people just wasted three hours. I hope they get an instant ride because that is lame. “

“I can’t imagine waiting in line for as long as you most likely did, and it breaks down,” @howdoiusethisapp6767 commented. “Crazy.”

“We didn’t wait 3 hours,” the Disney Park guest replied. “We got the [Lightning Lane] upgrade for the day which [lets] you get on any ride in about 10 mins, but yeah for those people.. rip.”

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Disney cast members occasionally offer free Lightning Lane passes to guests forced to evacuate Disney Parks attractions. However, this isn’t guaranteed and often doesn’t apply to anyone waiting in line for a ride that breaks–even those who made it to the front after waiting three hours.

It’s unclear if the guests who evacuated Indiana Jones Adventure received free Lightning Lanes or any other compensation. By the time this article was published, the attraction had re-opened.

What’s the longest you’ve waited in line for a Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort ride that broke down? In the comments, share your experience with Inside the Magic.

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