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  1. This is something people have been complaining about for years. This goes back to money grubbing Bob Chapek. Where has this person been, under a rock?

  2. H

    Her experience was in 2021??? Of course there weren’t live shows! Everything and everyone was trying to navigate a world where COVID-19 was still a very large issue.

    I was there last month and there were tons of live performances and meet & greets.

  3. We just went to Disneyland\Californialand in April 2024, with our daughters family, which includes four kids ten, and under. This was the first post covid trip, and is amongst many in the last two decades.

    While the kids generally liked the park, we were extremely disappointe, compared to our previous visits.

    We decided to get genie passes on top of the entry passes. This was a very costly indulgence for us, but what the heck. However, the waiting lines for even the genie passes were sometimes an hour long. On three occasions, while waitng in line, the rides were either shutdownn (literally while we were seated in the ride in one instance) or set to half capacity due to failure.

    Another disappointment was that the “cars” ride lineup, with the genie pass, AND a $19 additional “happy” charge on top, was over two hours long. AWESOME job Disney.

    Last time we we at California land, we took in the production Frozen show. It was excellent. This time, there was no show.

    Compared to previuos visits, the live bands, charactors, and shows were very sparse.

    The food quality was typical cheap fastfood, except it was not fast..it was tardy at about a 50 minute wait.

    Lastly. While this is an unfair blanket statement, the two days we were at the parks, the majority of the employees were not happy. I’m not sure what goes on in the company back rooms, but Disneycorp must address this situation and instead of focusing on inclusivity, hire people that want to happily represent the Disney mantra, sole and spirit.

    1. Daryl

      I am a Die Hard fan of Disney since 1965 I was a little boy and I remember getting into the park for $10 even $20. Today if anyone goes to Disneyland or Walt Disney, it’s not the same anymore, the employees are rude, they’re gouging you for food tickets and souvenirs. The rides are breaking down while you’re waiting in lines and the magic magic Magic is gone, it’s a quest to go to Disney parks and if you have to use a credit card, don’t do it. If Walt Disney was still alive this would not be happening it’s a rip off. Now it’s your choice how you want to spend your money? There is really nice places in the world you could take your family too, you can go on a cruise for a whole week for $400 $500 a person and that includes all your food, shows, island hopping, see cultures and see how they live swimming hot tubs and don’t have to stress about driving parking or putting gas in your car. Have a good day

  4. Howard Shuford

    OK, you don’t go to a theme park and expect not to stand in line. I realize this can be frustrating, but it should be . Wait, a half hour or an hour has always been expected since 1966, when I first visited the park as a child. Grow up people.

  5. Tinkatude10

    I have been visiting the parks for Many year and very often for quite some time. I had Annual Passes from 2004 – 2020 when Disneyland canceled them. The obvious cost increase has been almost mind blowing, but then again what hasn’t. Disney is trying to cut prices on some of the “park tickets” but absolutely gouge you in every other aspect. Come on $5 -$7 for a bottled water that is not even very cold. I am an avid Disney Fan, like to my core. I still get choked up at the shows and parades. But be real, the experience HAS changed and not for the better. Bring back the magic Disney. People will come to the parks and you probably won’t recouped the lost money from Covid but I am sure there was some government help. Just keep the parks clean, make sure the staff is being over the top friendly (which we DID NOT experience at our last visit) and keep the quality up. Make sure things are working properly and there aren’t lights burnt out. We want our youth to experience the magic we did so they want to bringvtheir kids and the magic continues.

  6. Mike

    Go woke, go broke. DEI demonstrating what it can deliver. Enjoy lib fantasyland!

  7. Terry

    Sick and tired of serving whiners….omg I had to wait a half hour for a ride. Been that way since it opened in the 50’s, yet I’m amazed at how many think they should get right on. Lmao. Just shut up and don’t go. Your showing your immaturity

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