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Disney Enchantment fireworks at Disney World Resort



  1. Mark

    No. It’s the finale of the night. There are shirt lines during the short fireworks display. Go ride the attractions and see the shows.

    1. Glenn

      He was fishing to get something for free. . .

    2. Go in a restaurant or ride a indoor attraction go in a store browsing while fireworks are going off there’s many things you can do, and get away from the fireworks

  2. Brian Duchscherer

    Wow, what a selfish person this is, one person’s want should cancel out what a thousand others want. How simple it would be for that guy to just take his child somewhere else, like back to the room or inside, or to a different Disney park since there are three others not showing fireworks. Get real and stop being a true jerk. Let us only hope that the Disney people do NOT listen to these type of requests.

    1. Jen

      You are 100% right.

  3. Angie B

    The park closes at 9 let them leave before the fireworks starts at 9. That is the finale of a great adventure. There are no rides after 9 so I don’t understand his complaint. There are also headphones they can get to block the noise.

    1. Gina

      The park doesn’t always close at 9 sometimes it’s open until 10 or 11 so the rides do run after fireworks.

      1. Nick

        I agree no fireworks are the best just because one person is not seeing fireworks then go ahead and go back to your room thousands of people have seen fireworks throughout the years

    2. T. L.

      Leave the fireworks alone!!!!
      That guy is a real piece of work!! Take your kid elsewhere!!

  4. Lori

    Drone shows, while they CAN be great, many are just meh from a viewer POV even while respecting the work that goes into coordinating them.
    That said, they will NEVER IMO be as good or impressive a finale to a day at a Disney Park as the fireworks shows are. NEVER.

  5. What a self serving butt head.
    Disney doesn’t revolve around 1 person. Or Evan 2.
    Leave the park. Go inside a shop. Get him blackout glasses and earplugs, but Disney isn’t going to be getting ride of fireworks any time soon.
    Disney wish, the man just doesn’t want to understand. He should be damned thrilled his child isn’t a make a wish kid.
    He was also rude to the staff. Duffus, its not happening.

  6. Andy

    The “Nighttime Spectaculars” at all of the parks are done for a reason. They are geared to keep guests in the park until close. This leads to more food sales while watching the show and souvenir sales as guests wait out the massive crows leaving the park after the show. It’s also a great way to have the guests leaving the parks with a good feeling and excitement for the remainder of their vacation, or a final exciting night on their last day.
    Leave the fireworks alone!
    If your kid doesn’t like fireworks, leave the park before they start…period
    That guest was looking for a confrontation. That would be like say…My kid is afraid of Mickey Mouse, can you take him out of the parade today? Lol

  7. Natasha

    Either go somewhere else or leave b4 the fireworks!! They are part of the Disney excitement and have been for longer than ur time on earth!! So many other things to worry about!!

  8. Valarie

    No, my grandson at one point in time was terrified of fireworks. It did not like loud sounds. We would try to get a resort room where we could watch the fireworks from our room or find a place that was not as loud like one of the inside character meet and greets. I love the firework and I would never ask someone to cancel fireworks for my one child.

  9. Deb R

    If your child has a problem with fireworks, wouldn’t it be in your child’s best interest to leave the park before the show gets started. Why should the rest of us miss out on those great shows.

  10. I agree, leave before the fireworks. I didn’t like the noise when I was little and neither did my son. We either plugged our ears, moved away from noise, or used ear phones.

  11. Adam

    This is a Karen. If your kid cannot handle flashing lights and loud then what your doing is child abuse. I can only think of five rides in the park that ride with in those requirements. You don’t need to stay all day for a melt down.

    I know about reducing the number of rides that you can go on. Due to my disability I am down to one ride plus shows at Animal Kingdom, 3 plus shows/movies at EPCOT, 5 plus shows at Hollywood Studios, 7 plus shows at Magic Kingdom.

  12. B

    Or. Have certain nights designated with no fireworks so that sensitive people can pick a night to go. But take them all away for everyone else that enjoys them

    1. Kkp

      No “sensitive people should leave the park before the fireworks. No need to accommodate these people.

  13. B

    Correction. But not take them away completely for the rest of us who enjoy them

  14. Steve

    Ever heard of headphones and sleep mask? No hear no see. Everyone is happy…where dreams do come true!!

  15. Ba

    Just another example or some self serving, want to start something cause they are entitled too if u don’t want to see them. Then go home early.

  16. Jen

    What absolute crap. Millions of people come to the parks every year and enjoy the fireworks. If Disney caves and quits having fireworks, there will be a LOT of disappointment for many whose children look forward to fireworks. Noise canceling headphones are a thing. These parents need to get a grip. If you don’t like the fireworks, don’t go to Disney!

  17. Lisa

    Wow, just wow. Disney better not cave in to this demand. So many people love the fireworks shoes. Anyone who is “sensitive” can just leave the park before the fireworks start, go somewhere in the park where they can’t see or hear them, or wear noise canceling earphones. I have a sensitivity to loud noises due to tinnitus so I deal with the fireworks so my family can enjoy them or I just leave before the show starts.

  18. Chuck

    One of the reasons I go to Disney is for the fireworks.
    If it bothers them so much they should leave before the fireworks begin.
    You can’t satisfy everyone
    But I would say the majority enjoy them immensely

  19. Tommy

    No they should not. You should know Disney does the fireworks show. Either leave the park before they do them or find an area to get away from the noise. My grandson didn’t like them when he was younger and we just took him inside the gift shop. He was fine there.

  20. Jan

    The fireworks shows are the best! I hope they don’t even consider taking them away!

  21. Bruce

    The greatest thing about being a American consumer. If you don’t like it go some where else. They advertise it before you got there. They advertise it the day you enter the park. It has been a disney thing for over 50 years. It wasn’t a secret. If he doesn’t like it leave early. Simply or go somewhere else period. Let’s see the greater good. 10 of thousand who want to see it vs you and your son.. this is the problem of today. One person out weigh the rest.. just my opinion STAY HOME

  22. Ken

    I want Disney to let me go into Disney anytime that I want for free with no lines. That would make MY DREAMS COME TRUE. I want it NOW!!!

  23. John

    Absolutely NOT. The fireworks are amazing and a fantastic way to end the day.

  24. Karen Gigeous

    A lot of people pay big money to go to DW and part of that is to see the fireworks. My family included. We have an autistic child and we put earphones on her for the noise. I say don’t do away with them

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