Disney Star Saves Woman From Horrific Car Accident

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Kyle Massey and Raven Symone as Raven and Cory Baxter That's So Raven

Credit: Disney

During the early 200os, one of the most beloved shows on The Disney Channel was That’s So Raven. That’s So Raven starred Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter, a girl who struggled to balance life as a teenager with having psychic abilities. The show also starred Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol as Raven’s best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh played Raven’s mother, Tanya, Rondell Sheridan played her father, Victor, and Kyle Massey played Raven’s younger brother, Cory Baxter.

The Baxter family from That's So Raven
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That’s So Raven ran for four seasons and was so popular that, when the show ended, a spinoff was created, bringing back some of the show’s original stars. Cory in the House brought back Disney star Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter and Rondell Sheridan as Victor. The show centered around Cory’s life in the White House (yes, THAT White House) after his father was named the personal chef of the President of the United.

Cory in the House ended in 2008, but Kyle Massey is still making headlines.

Raven holding an iguana with Cory Baxter looking at her
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One night, Massey was driving around some curves on Westlake Boulevard in Thousand Oaks, California, less than an hour outside of Los Angeles. While going around one sharp curve, Massey noticed a car overturned. What was worse, a woman was trapped inside. Massey rushed out of his car and extricated the woman from her destroyed car.

Kyle Massey That's So Raven
Credit: Disney

Per FOX 11, a local Los Angeles news station:

“I just saw a car upside down, and I just went over to help,” said Massey.

A car had flipped on the median, and Massey ran to help her.

In cellphone video Massey took from the scene, the “That’s So Raven” star is seen running to the car while the woman inside asks for help.

“I open the door and I see her, and she’s, like, hanging from her seat belt upside down stuck to the chair,” Massey said. He was able to undo the seat belt, lift her down and get the woman out of the car. 

Kyle Massey
Credit: Disney

In Massey’s video, the woman is heard admitting that she sped up while going around the corner, which caused her to lose control. Thankfully, she was not seriously injured.

Massey’s Headline Making Actions

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that Massey has made the news for saving a woman involved in a car accident Several months ago, Massey also filmed himself rescuing an elderly lady whose car was turned on its side. The woman’s granddaughter was also trapped in the car, and Massey rescued them both.

Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter
Credit: Disney

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Unfortunately, Massey has not always made headlines for heroic actions. In 2021, court documents revealed the actor was arrested for failing to appear in court on some very serious charges. Massey had been charged with sending pornographic material to a girl who was just 13 years old. The young girl and her family sued Massey, claiming that he had known her since she was a toddler.

We wish the woman a speedy recovery from any injuries and are glad that she was not seriously hurt!

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