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Guests walking down Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland. In the foreground is a screenshot from a video of a man discussing the Disney filming crackdown.

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  1. Glenn

    YES! All filming/streaming should be banned. Period. It ruins the “show” for the rest of us who want to immerse themselves into the park. It can be enjoys while someone is filming “loudly ” right next to you.

    1. Amy

      We have a right to stream for those people who can’t visit the park. You don’t like it? TOO BAD!

      1. Kathu

        You don’t have the right to do anything that Disney decides to ban. Disney is private property not a public park.

      2. Michael Streuly

        S$$K D$$K AMY

        1. Rebecca R.

          That was pretty rude.

      3. Alan

        Keep your skank ass home

      4. Asterisk

        No you don’t. It’s private property. Deal with it!

      5. Amanda

        You don’t have rights on private property. That’s like coming into my house and saying you have the right to film me and my family without consent. Which is what you’re constantly doing at the parks. You don’t get consent from Disney or patrons.

      6. Ralph

        Actually you don’t have the right….it’s private property Disney can make whatever rules they want. And don’t iid yourself, you not adding anything to the world with you little videos.

        1. Mp

          I dont stream or post socially. But i pay alot of money to go on a family vacation to disneyland. I should be able to capture my family moments on my phone. Pictures or video. People just need to be respectful of each other. I am so sick of restrictions at my expense because others are careless and disrespectful. I dont think its right. I dont understand what is wrong with people and the lack of any regard for others around them.

          1. John

            I understand that it could fly out of your hands and hit someone but let the guests have their way too they pay their hard earned money to go to the parks and have a great time on vacation so Disney need to stop being picky . If Walt Disney was still alive he’d want everyone to have a great time so make him proud.

          2. Bill

            Amen Mp I think you said it all. Be respectful of the people around you. That means others safety as well…

      7. Dave

        You have the right to obnoxiously walk around half oblivious to your surroundings to be an attention whore while ruining other peoples vacations?

      8. Timothy

        For people like me who cannot afford to go to Disneyland but maybe once a year it works out perfectly with the vloggers. With them I could go on rides that I wouldn’t go on if I was at the park. Plus it’s a great way just to get away.

        1. Debbie

          There are some streamers who are polite and when on an attractions say nothing. They are pleasant and respectful For someone like me who can’t travel to the parks due to the expense of it all, and now with the changes in DAS and the fact Disney has thumbed their noses to people with serious mobility issues it’s not conducive to spend a ton of money.
          There are bloggers who are horrible and rude and should be removed.
          In the other hand if I’m a family and want to capture my vacation with my kids which would include video why should we be punished. Guess we’d better get the 8mm cameras back into vogue and start using film again with no sound.

      9. John

        No you don’t it’s private property. You are lucky they are letting you syream at all. Respect people on rides don’t talk or ruin the lighting experiance.

      10. John The Door

        Tell me you have not passed basic social studies classes without telling me. Freedom of speech does not apply to private property. Also, no one cares about your 1,000 followers which are probably all bots anyways.

      11. Rebecca

        Disney should require filmers to secure their phones and cameras to themselves so that they are unable to fly off on rides and pose a hazard. Otherwise I’d allow filming.

      12. J

        No. You don’t. Disneyland is private property. If they say no filming, no filming. Not to mention you people are obnoxious, annoying, and oblivious.

    2. John

      Don’t watch the videos. Simple.

  2. This topic has a fence: On one side, people have gotten so rude these days (and meaner) that video taping should be banned. On the other side, being a person with a family-trait/disability that’s annoying, stupid and bothersome to me, it’s hard to get in or on and off some rides and attractions. Could the Disney company have a site that has a video of rides be possible? Or, maybe a You tube spot to show rides? That’s how I got to see Knott’s Scarey Farm. It worked! A Big Disney High-Five to everyone!

    1. Kat

      This is where I’m at. I only watch two or three dedicated vloggers who are absolutely lovely people. It could be that perhaps in the future they might need license to film in the parks.

      As someone also with physical limitations and who can’t afford to travel often (but grew up in California a couple hours from Disneyland), I treasure the videos I’m able to see of little park updates and events. FreshBaked and JustinScarred are usually my go tos; for Disney World, I enjoyed Tim Tracker. I believe some of these folks have even been invited to events by Disney in the past to film, if I remember correctly. Again, very pleasant folks. It’d be unfortunate to ban all for the few.

      At the same time, I can see exactly why they want to. So, so many dropped phones and shut down rides.

  3. pha qu

    Some folks drop their phones. This faults the rides and messes it up for everyone else. They hve been doing a no recording while riding their rides for. few years. Like 2018 is when they started posting the signs and waring folks. I strongly reccomend not get caught recording on Indiana Jones. Get banned for life now days.

  4. Heidi

    Youtubers who stream and film from the Disney Parks should be the ones NOT allowed to record anymore. There are some people out there that film to record their children’s reactions to being there and to make memories. To those who CLAIM they make these videos so that those who can’t go can enjoy the park……sorry but that is not the reason. You film so that you cam go there all the time and then make money from those videos. I remember when Disney had a rule that no one could profit from any video filmed in the parks. Also…how is any video of someone going to Disney going to help those who can’t go…..it won’t. All you are doing is rubbing it in the faces of those who can’t go by saying to them…..hahahaha…look at how often I get to be here and you are stuck not getting to enjoy this. Besides….a VIDEO is not going to give those who can’t go the opportunity to buy souvenirs or enjoy the food and rides….or to even be able to get autographs from the characters. Maybe instead of filming and bragging…why not help someone to be able to go to Disneyland or Disney World.

    1. Rachel

      As someone who has 14 medical conditions and hasn’t left my house since October 2022 I am subscribed to multiple channels who stream at Disney so I can watch them. Respectfully, you have no idea what you’re talking about

      1. Asterisk

        So rewatch the old ones?

      2. Amanda

        Disney works with some of youtubers/bloggers. They even get invited to events. Disney is complaining about the average annoying person doing it all the time.

    2. DaDesigns

      Videos of rides do help people decide ahead of time about taking their children or others that may have special needs on certain rides. I go to You Tube to find videos of all theme parks we might want to visit.

    3. Kat

      FreshBaked, JustinScarred, TimTracker… all wonderful and pleasant vloggers who’ve brought great joy to me when I can’t go to the parks/events due to medical issues/injury and financial reasons.

      Furthermore, much of the merch is available online! So if you review the merch, we can find it in the Disney shop. Barring that, there are proxies and reselling sites. Heck, there’s a site just for selling Disney popcorn and such (heard this one from my sister and saw it; don’t remember the site).

      I can see how someone who is sad they can’t go might feel angry and take it as bragging. But for another person like me or my sister (also sad and wanting to go) it just inspires us to dream up future trips (and in my case, look up park recipes).

      1. Rachel

        No one is forcing anyone to watch them. If someone is going to get angry and resentful just don’t watch

  5. Kathu

    I think it’s a good idea to ban filming for vloggers and such. Filming like that just encourages idiotic and dangerous behavior.

  6. Franklin

    Any ban except on the fast roller coaster type rides is not only insane but wrong. Recording or streaming causes no issues for anyone at the park. I watch multiple streamers and they want to say hi who are in line with them. In fact thousands
    enjoy Disneyland Park who can never go there for many reasons through the live streamers
    Banning this in a American Disney park is equal to telling people they can’t take a picture of their family or live stream family at home.
    How do you monitor who is live stream and who is sharing with family members unable to go to the park in person ? Disney has already made enough insane rules. Leave people alone who stream for the benefit of others.
    If your bothered by a cellphone picture or recording you need serious help. Just do not allow it in rides that it could be dangerous. But Walt Disney made the parks for family enjoyment and pictures and videos. Take that away and you don’t allow people to share their vacations. Streaming is no different then taking a family video. And it is important to thousands online who can’t travel who go to a theme park for many reasons.

    1. DaDesigns

      Don’t think Disney has only safety in mind with this ban. Now people will line up more for the Disney photographers and those are super expensive.

  7. Chris B

    “I wasn’t going to record nothing” ok lol

  8. Hannah

    My family enjoys the live streams because we live 500 miles from Disneyland. We watch them with our toddler every evening as a family. He loves World of Color and he sings “start a wave” every night. We are very grateful for the live streamers and we would be extremely disappointed if live streaming was banned.

  9. Amanda

    I love this. I’m a local and go on regular to WDW. So I hope the change comes here too. I’ve had to knock those go pros out of my face so many times. Ask them to get the camera out of my sons face-which ruins their video. And of they stop in middle of walkways I purposely make a lot of noise to mess their filming up. I watch a lot of the popular ones. I’ve met some at park. I had the wonderful chance to ride splash MT a last time with one of them by luck. Understand Disney works with those people. What they don’t want is everyone in the park doing it and being obnoxious. Yeah you’re obnoxious. Everyone is so narcissistic and thinks everyone cares and they need clicks and hearts. How many walk through videos do we need of the same rides. Or Disney “tips” repeated 100 times over. Go away you’re all annoying.

  10. Scott

    Recording shouldn’t cause a disturbance to others, cause ride issues, or create dangerous situations. Parks aren’t trying to be a buzz-kill but too many people cause issues which forces the parks to implement these types of rules.

    I was in Universal recently and there were several times on slower rides where people started recording their children’s reactions to rides in areas of the rides that were dark so their flash was on the entire time. This is ruining the experience for others on the ride. It is incredibly selfish for people to think that their live stream or personal recording is more important than everyone else’s ride experience. On 3 different rides we were on someone came on the loudspeaker of the ride and reminded people that recording wasn’t allowed. In 2 of those 3 cases the person continued recording even after the message which in my mind is so selfish.

  11. Kristen

    Disney should implement an influencer partner/ ambassador program for individuals who want to stream or film in the parks.

    Maybe restrict it to those with an already established Disney focused social media presence, require an application, and then once accepted set clear ground rules about where, when and what is and isn’t ok to film (never on rides!) Anyone with this status would have some kind of a flag on their ticket/pass so cast members could identify that they’re allowed to film, anyone else would be asked to leave after one warning.

    (for the record I’m not talking about simple photos in front of Cinderella castle for example, those can and still should be permitted).

  12. Tyler bradley

    They have the right to stream at any theme park you can’t ban them from the disney theme park

    1. Raiden Storm

      Want to make a GD bet?

  13. Tyler bradley

    Just leave the live streamers alone!

  14. Al

    If you give disney money, whatever happens next is YOUR OWN FAULT.

  15. John

    No you don’t it’s private property. You are lucky they are letting you stream at all. Respect people on rides don’t talk or ruin the lighting experiance.

  16. John

    I understand that it could fly out of your hands and hit someone but let the guests have their way too they pay their hard earned money to go to the parks and have a great time on vacation so Disney need to stop being picky . If Walt Disney was still alive he’d want everyone to have a great time so make him proud.

  17. Samantha

    I hope they ban filming the fireworks…always a ginger show.
    I had a lady film behind me with flash on the whole time,ruined for for me!

  18. Best Life & Beyond

    They can try all they want, but that won’t stop us.

    1. Raiden Storm

      Lol then enjoy your lifetime ban. I would throw your phone in the trashcan if I saw you

  19. Tron

    DisneyLand has just killed the future of that park. If you can’t film and record your time and experience at the park for memories to look back on later on down the road, then what’s the point in even going to the park anymore. It’s over priced to even get in, the food and drinks are stupid expensive, and now you can’t film inside the park. No point in wasting my money!!!

  20. Mario Mora

    I worked for Disney from 1988-2016.. People go to enjoy Disneyland Park to leave behind the outside world. Vloggers started to become very annoying, yelling at guest to stop because they were filming. I’m so glad Disney finally can stop this annoying Practice…

  21. Alan

    Final Destination 3 highlights the danger of filming while riding on a rollercoaster.

  22. kane_1371

    Disney is really pushing it with this Gestapo antics it is pulling.
    Can’t do this, can’t do that, pay extra for this, nickel and dime that.
    Off putting as hell, they should remember how their parks performed mid 2000s and be very careful coming years as they are already dipping big time again

  23. Raiden Storm

    People film for views and clout online, along with TikTok money and gifts. Needs to stop, because it’s extremely annoying. Get a real JOB …

  24. Teresa

    I’m not a streamer so I have no pony in this show. I like having streamers. When planning my trip to Disney World 2 years ago, I heavily used streamers to get an idea which attractions to get passes for and what the best restaurants were. Yes there are bad streamers and those should be dealt with individually like any other disruptive guests. For the most part streamers are free advertising for the parks and help more than hinder. As for privacy, no one is hitting the vlogs trying to see who they would spot. Streaming is no different and infringement on privacy than a standard photo and if you ban that, You’ve just killed the theme park. Let them stay.

  25. Maria

    It will be wonderful NOT to hear Katie from BLAB shrieking on rides and during Fantasmic. Entitled vloggers have ruined the theme park experience

  26. Straps

    I think Disney needs to ban filming and photography on rides on most days, maybe have one or two days of the month that are “Media & Vlogger days”

    Then people who don’t want all the racket of bloggers can have a peaceful time on exclusive days, but the two days of the month the vloggers can make accessible to the disabled the rides they may never be able to get to.

    I’m disabled, Disney Japan is likely to never be possible for me. Just getting to any Disney park is a real PITA.

    More restrictions yes, total permanent bans are not a way to fix things. Two days a month is reasonable to me.

    People should also be required like vloggers photographers and any person filming at Botanic Garden of Chicago to sign a code of conduct and inventory their camera and phones serial number while impounding their photo ID. If they behave acceptably and don’t damage facilities or violate policy they get their ID back otherwise they could be charged by the police and their ID impounded by court.

    Controls are better than bans. Bans will simply be evaded, controls can be made hard to circumvent.

  27. Paully

    Like the Pin Trading this daily Disneyland You Tubing has gotten out of hand in the park..
    It’s all just a grift..

  28. Layla

    People don’t livestream “for the benefit of others”. They livestream so gullible followers can send in super chats and they can ‘earn’ some money just for walking around doing absolutely nothing, making money off a Disney’s IP. If I show up in a livestream I’m asking YouTube to take it down because I didn’t get notified my likeness would be in a monetized video. That’s the difference in showing up in someone’s personal vacation pics or videos (usually not monetized) vs a Livestreamers vlog (monetized and broadcasted to hundreds or thousands).
    Want to experience the park but can’t go? There are tons of videos uploaded that show ride POV’s and walkthrough ambience of the parks that make an effort to keep other people out of frame and not cause disturbances.

  29. Joel

    Instead of completely banning streaming or video recording of attractions they should do a permitting system divided into two categories — Professional: for Vlogers, podcasters, etc., who make content for money, and Amateur for Disney fans who just want to capture video and photos for personal uses People with permits would have to attend a training class, wear a permit badge, pay fees, only use preapproved equipment, and agree to a certain set of standards of conduct when filming.
    Any person or group caught breaking the rules would be banned from the permit system for a certain amount of years.
    The permits could be limited to a certain number to decrease the impact on other customers and limited to the number of permits allowed per person or organization per year.

    1. Cuyo

      This is a smart idea, I would pledge for this!

  30. Cuyo

    Boom, this is what ruins recording attractions professionally… I always make sure to not ruin it for other riders.. this is horrible! I hope I can record Indiana jones without issue.

  31. YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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