Disney Cast Member Responds To Viral Video of Mickey Pushing Child

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A girl in a red dress happily kisses Mickey Mouse on the nose at Disney, with other visitors and the castle blurred in the background.

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At Disney parks, there is a rumored rule known as the “Disney hug rule.” This rule signifies the magical and memorable interactions guests can have with beloved characters during meet-and-greet sessions. The rumored rule, which originated on the TikTok app, claims that Disney characters are told not to break a hug until the guest in question lets go first.

When guests encounter their favorite characters, whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Buzz Lightyear, they are often welcomed with open arms for a special hug. This simple gesture of affection not only brings joy to the guests but also adds a touch of warmth and sincerity to the overall Disney experience. For many, the Disney hug rule makes this moment even more magical because guests can determine how long their interaction lasts.

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A joyful family poses for a selfie with a tall, colorful cartoon character at a theme park. the character, dressed in yellow and purple, stands out amidst the bright, whimsical backdrop.
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However, there is one major problem when it comes to the Disney hug rule, and that is that it does not actually exist. Despite it never being confirmed by Disney or a reputable source, many fans have fully bought into this fake rule. Now, character performers are even facing public scrutiny for not abiding by this fan-made rule.

Viral ”Huge Rule” Causes Trouble for Cast Members

In a recent viral video posted to the TikTok app, one parent was distraught after their child was allegedly pushed away by Mickey Mouse. Many watchers immediately brought up the Disney hug rule, which should have prevented this incident from happening.

Some even went as far as to accuse this character performer of being bad at their job. In the whirlwind of these viral claims, a Disney cast member reached out to help bring some reasoning to the situation. In a response video to the claims, cast member Tyson Blatter explained that the Mickey Mouse character performer was not breaking any of Disney’s rules. Tyson also defends the alleged “pushing,” saying that it appears Mickey was just readjusting his stance.


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Thinking Before We Accuse

This entire situation shows how important it is to not believe every Disney rule or Disney hack that you may read online. While this family probably thought the Disney hug rule was real, posting a video of the Mickey Mouse performer “pushing” their child could result in consequences involving their employment.

Woody and Buzz character meet and greet
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If any legitimate issues do come up during your Disney vacation, it is best to talk to guest services instead of posting about it online. Oftentimes, a harmless post can blow up, resulting in extreme measures being taken against the employees at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

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