Disney Sends Worldwide Manipulation Message Through AI Bot Social Media Attack

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A crowd of people on Main Street, U.S.A., watching the flag ceremony in front of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.

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Disney has always found ways to control its guests’ thought processes and outlook. Now, it looks like they are using AI bots on social media to control the narrative.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
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When you enter Walt Disney World, did you know that Main Street, U.S.A., was built upwards, so it takes you longer to get to Cinderella Castle, forcing you to take everything in and allowing you to move quicker as you are leaving? Did you ever notice that the windows on top of Cinderella Castle are incredibly tiny, making the structure look far larger than it is? Or, have you ever had your mouth water at the scent of popcorn or waffle cones just as you walk by a popcorn stand or ice cream shop due to the sensitizers (a Disney-coined word meaning scent machines) that are hidden around the park?

Since its inception, Disney has looked for ways to determine the best possible outcome and has added touches to attempt to achieve that outcome through its theme parks every single day. They cannot force you to buy that popcorn bucket, but they can flood your senses with the buttery smell on purpose to try and force an impulse reaction, which does work with a lot of guests—heck, it has even worked on me!

A Ferry boat taking guests from TTC to Magic Kingdom via a Disney transportation service.
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Now, Disney is also starting to attempt to control the press and excitement for a ride, not by sharing details but by becoming the fans themselves.

AI (artificial intelligence) has been taking over the internet space for a while now, constantly getting smarter and more useful. Now, Chat GPT can write full essays, and Photoshop can create a person who looks real but has never existed on this earth. While AI can be frightening as it gains power, many companies, including Disney, are using it to their advantage.

As we know, Splash Mountain is now a thing of the past at Walt Disney World Resort, and later this summer, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open up in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. Many are excited about the ride’s debut. However, there has been a lot of resistance to The Princess and the Frog’s addition since its existence was the demise of the nostalgic yet racially charged Splash Mountain. Fans of the now-extinct ride went as far as to create petitions and protests for the ride to return, despite Disney’s construction progress on the attraction.

It appears that Disney wanted to find a way to ensure that there was more positive press on social media regarding the ride as it preps to open in months, and so they took matters into their own hands. Instead of sharing new details, which the company has been doing over the recent months to get fans hyped and excited, they are also using the power of AI to become their own fans and start their own positive conversations.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure, which replaced Splash Mountain, at Disney World.
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In a recent Threads post by AlexandriatheRed, we saw that Disney is using bots to talk about the opening of the attraction, with multiple accounts on X with AI-generated photos posting nearly the same caption as positive Disney-charged verbiage regarding the ride.


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If we read some of these replies, all of which have been mass-sent to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure expert Drew Disney Dude, it is clear that a robot is creating the language and that everything sounds like a rephrased version of the last response. Even when you search for some of these user names, there is no account attached.

While we do not have definite proof that Disney is the one sending these reply bots to boast about the ride, it is hard to believe anyone else would take the time to ensure guests think Tiana’s Bayou Adventure “shimmers in the moon’s gentle kiss, those lanterns, Mama Odie’s glowing bliss, dance in the night, a warm embrace, guiding us through that drop’s embrace.” While these robotic replies are meant to sound poetic, some of them do not make sense, and they certainly do not sound like they are coming from a human.

If Disney did want to attempt to control the narrative ahead of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening (at both Disney World and Disneyland), having fans read a flurry of positive comments wouldn’t be the worst idea, but it may have sounded better if the responses were actual human replies and not robot replies.

Drew Disney Dude has been posting constant construction updates on the ride as of late, and most recently shared the lighting package the ride will have at night.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is glowing tonight at Magic Kingdom Park. I love nighttime lighting, now with Mama Odie’s bottle lanterns illuminated before the 50-foot drop. ✨

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is the first big Magic Kingdom change that will be coming to the theme park, ahead of the news of the Beyond Big Thunder plans with the $60 billion expansion that Bob Iger has promised for the theme parks. At the 2022 D23 event, during the Parks and Experiences panel, it was stated that there would be additions coming to Disney World, and one “Blue Sky” idea, meaning it was just an idea, was the “Dark Kingdom” at Magic Kingdom, which would essentially be a land for the villains.

Since the Country Bear Jamboree press release went out and Disney Imagineering hinted at a life Beyond Big Thunder, fans have gone back to speculating that a big change is on the way. It is Iger’s goal to create more capacity in the parks, so a Magic Kingdom expansion would help alleviate the crowds in that park immensely.

Are you excited for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to debut at Walt Disney World Resort? 

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