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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis waving inside of a frame with the Cinderella Castle and the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue to the right.

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  1. Mary

    As a Florida annual passholder I have to say I will continue to visit Disney as usual and I truly hope it makes the parks not as busy but i seriously doubt it !!!

  2. Kim

    Have you been in central Florida in July? Camping is not one of the things I want to be doing. The pool, beach or AC are about all you can tolerate. Florida does have some fairly nice state parks, but the best in the country? Not hardly.

    1. Steve

      In the winter it’s good. But July? No way.

      1. Jane Marban

        so it’s aim is to hurt Disney is he forgetting about all the other parks and attractions in our State that this his shenanigans will impact? So irresponsible….

        1. sandy cannon

          This is the news slant. Seriously I doubt he cares about any impact potentially on Disney. Just trying to have peope use the camps and the news puts their ugly slant to keep things stirred up. Im a passholder wont effect me and a camper….we dont normally camp in July or August.

        2. Marie

          We have this tax break EVERY YEAR. I’m no big DeSantis fan, but stop making things up.

    2. Fl state park system is the only state to win the nation best park award 4 times. No other state has won it more than 2 times. We do have the best parks. They need more funding but they’re great. To damn. Hot in the summer 🤣

    3. Heidi

      Actually it’s cooler in the country because we don’t have all the concrete and we have trees for shade. Just bring the mosquito repellent and a battery fan lol
      A lot of tourists come every year. Florida isn’t just about Disney

  3. Robin

    Who in their right mind wants to camp in florida in July, or any outdoor activity., for that matter. At least disney has misters, shade area, AC in buildings and pools!

  4. If Disney is so worried tell them to lower their prices so they can invite more trans and homosexual! They have been over pricing the experience for years! Since they don’t know the difference between Boys and Girls!

    1. Chris

      Cool story bigot.

      1. Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

        You must be just another big money lib who doesn’t GAF about anyone else. Enjoy your time at Disney D-Bag

      2. Jazzy C

        You are a horrible racist, bigot. The fact your name is “razorback ” tells everything people need to know about you!

      3. Dale E Boswell

        You got that right. I hope the AH stays in Arkansas. I am a Florida native, straight, and a disabled veteran. This type of attitude is typical in redneckville Arkansas but we have our share like DeSantis throughout Florida. Why can’t people live and let live?

        1. Dale E Boswell

          This was to Chris you redneck thug.

    2. S. Pier

      How DARE our governor encourage people to go outside and play!!!🤣🤣🤣

    3. Michael Osborne

      Your ignorance and vile bigotry are on full display

      1. Jim

        I totally agree what slanted view are you pushing you need to go back to your job at Disney as a dwarf with a little mind.

    4. wm smith

      so true

    5. john

      I agree

    6. Barbara Bower

      I agree

    7. Pipe

      😆 you got it right bro.

    8. Anonymous

      Hateful much close your month .

  5. Bill

    This whole story is ridiculous and has absolutely nothing to do with Disney.

    Liberal spin on anything and everything that Disantis does. plain and simple.

    Its a tax free campaign for camping and outdoors activities. That’s it ! Nothing at all to do with Disney World.

  6. TrashPanda

    I’ve been to EPCOT twice post-covid and I don’t ever want to go back. Things have changed there so much, especially the indifferent cast members on stage. Looks like Disney is out of pixie dust or something, so the tax free holiday isn’t going to affect MY attendance at least.

    Plus like others have said, who camps out in the summer? If anything, they’ll buy the stuff during the tax holiday and save it for late fall, winter or spring. It won’t particularly affect those who come down to visit the parks, so I can’t see this affecting their attendance.

  7. Gary

    What a BS story.

  8. Stan

    What a biased load of crap!

  9. D

    Residents get financial help and you write a story complaining. You are so biased as well as your company.

    1. Jackie

      My thoughts exactly

  10. Mark

    Mr. Deters have you no shame.
    Clearly proDisney antiDisantis propaganda. Reducing the tax burden on Floridians during record inflation, incentivising outdoor family activity is “bad”. Anything that saves Floridians money can only help pay for the exorbidant Disney ticket prices.

    1. Erik

      It’s simple then don’t pay them if the prices are too much

    2. Barbara Bower

      I agree

  11. Marty Hanson-Roscoe

    How much money can Disney possibly lose in a month? The prices to walk in are insane, even for Florida residents. Parking used to be free now it’s $25! You can’t afford to eat in the park because it is so overpriced! July may not be the best month to be outside but – wait – Disney is outside Get over it!

    1. Steve

      Parking used to be $25 and now it’s $30. Soon to be $35 no doubt.

      1. JoeNYWF64

        $5 or $7 for parking back in 2003 & i got 4 day(1 disney park per day non hopper) tickets for < $30 each per day!

  12. Vince B

    Author is an A-hole.

  13. Scott

    Such a one-sided story that’s why I do not get the local news paper,the news journal or the Orlando Sentinel because it’s so one-sided no wonder that newspapers are going out of business !!!!

    1. Jen

      Who is going to travel to Florida to do things they can do in their home state? Especially in July. Their July revenue is tourists more than locals.

    2. sandy cannon

      Anything to keep the pot stirred. Im glad i dont look at the paper anymore…its a bunch of slanted b.s.

  14. No way the tax free days will keep millions from WDW. Maybe 10 people

  15. mary


  16. Pipit

    I grew up in Sarasota and was a loyal Disney fan for years, going to their parks and resorts several times a year, not to mention buying their merchandise for my kids.
    However, their pushing of a woke ideology has made our family determined not to give this company another penny. Walt must be spinning in his grave as this company, still bearing his name, has drifted far from his intent and ideals.
    As for this article, the writer is either a Disney stockholder and/or an hater of DeSantis.
    If people want to go to Disney, this tax holiday is in no way going to deter them. I think it is a great idea to get families together and away from technology and to interact with nature.

  17. Jeanine Eaton

    This is so people can enjoy Memorial Day but tax free holiday is in July? Okay then

  18. Frank

    How in the world do you interpret this as “Driving MILLIONS away from WDW”? My opinion of your thinking capacity is unprintable!!!

    1. Barbara Bower

      Saving money does not mean it will drive guest away from Disney

  19. john

    great job gov , we the people love you , stand strong

  20. John A Dias Jr.

    Go away already De Sanctimonious you suck

  21. Harold Miner

    Win, lose, or draw, our not so bright governor has made a lot more enemies than friends over his stupid fight with the largest employer in the state. Like many GOP leaders these days, they want to dictate to the people rather than listen to them.

  22. Reed Waterman

    Disney was wonderful, and took me through a trial of my life. I just passed it tho.

  23. MR.SHAW

    Don’t think the Governor is left field on this. WHO can really afford the theme parks anyway? Almost makes sense not to nearly go broke for any vacation😳

  24. Alexander Morales

    Am with him Disney is a ripoff bad atmósfera people at Disney are so bad and they not makes complaints when you complain they are some kind of scam joke am very disappointed am we the governor. Do what you have to do Disney is not for middle class. Change those we all . You can .

  25. Dennis

    I see most people that commented see through this idiot who wrote this fairy tale story.
    Wait until DeSantis runs for president in 28, so called reporters like this moron will be out in droves making up stories.

  26. Mick

    Is this a Joke?

  27. Steve

    I am far from a desantis fan but its quite a stretch to say this is an anti Disney move, or think it will have any real impact on them. With annual passes tax free, if anything Disney will benefit from this

  28. Maureen

    disney is full of pedophiles jeff epstein had a hoyse overlooking disney where he pulled children from i dont care what yiu think if anybody As a former guardian ad litem i wouldnt ever bring a child there

  29. David

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Disney.

  30. Heidi

    Florida doesn’t care if Disney left! You are NOT the only reason people come to Florida so stop flattering yourself. We deserve a tax break to get out and play with the kids this summer while we battle hurricane season expenses too. Disney is a huge rip off and everyone knows it.

  31. JoeNYWF64

    You can bet a million dollars you STILL have to pay sales tax for any DISNEY trinkets you buy in their parks, as well as tax on their food & admission tickets.

  32. Anne

    Oh, boohoo. I am sure they will be fine.

  33. Lori L. Mattozzi

    How desperate is this so called journalist. DeSantis has does something great for his constituents to save a little money and he has twisted it into something terrible. That is really narcissistic!

  34. Shsron

    Who wr

  35. BobSam

    No mention of other theme parks loosing attendance,,,,hmmm?

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