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Batman (Robert Pattinson) standing beneath a ray of light

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Eric

    ??? Mr. Gunn has stated that BRAVE & THE BOLD will have Bruce Wayne and Damien Wayne. Having Asher as Nightwing who is at least a mid 20 somethingis one thing. Cra.ming that passing of the cowl into a debut DCU Batman movie MAKES NO SENSE. WHAT TIME did a social medi hint come true? There is NO SCRIPT

    1. MikeD

      Yes, Iam afraid it’s due time for the big bust of the Batman franchise! Iam scared for my favorite superhero that it will be down right stupid!

  2. Toney

    Jensen Ackles should be the next Batman…just saying 🙄

    1. David

      Facts he def should be the next Batman and I think most fans are also wanting him to be Batman too James Gunn might just shoot himself in his foot not listening to fans n no way are they gonna have the cowl change in the debut Batman movie of this new Gunnverse

      1. Jeff

        I gave up on this iteration when they hired Gunn amd Saffran … I didn’t like his suicide squad at all …. he works best on independent projects not show running a universe

  3. MikeD

    Asher? Hell to the no as Batman!! I like him as an actor but no to Batman! Get the guy who plays Reacher for Batman, just saying & he would be comic book accurate!

    1. CrüeFan

      I’m all for Jensen Ackles but to your suggestion, that actor has played Aquaman in Smallville, Hawk in Titans when it was on Max and I’ve heard great things about this particular Reacher, so, yeah, good idea. This kid wouldn’t be able to cut it as Batman IMO

  4. Asher Angel as anything to do with Batman…would be a big mistake. Let alone Batman himself? Why would this even come up? The New Bruce in James Gunns DCU is going to be around 40. As he has Damien, his son…and most likely the last Robin…under his wing.

  5. The Bat VS Joker is by far the best movie in series. The Dark Knight Returns and Gotham burns.

  6. Abraham Lincoln

    Scoopity poop doo doo dippity doop bat ta tat tee thay that

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