Arrest Made in Shocking Hit-And-Run Incident at Theme Park

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The image is split into two sections. The left side shows an aerial view of a roller coaster in Cedar Point amusement park, surrounded by autumn foliage and a body of water. The right side shows two police officers arresting a handcuffed person in front of police vehicles with flashing lights.

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A Cedar Point team member now has a GoFundMe asking folks to assist them in getting the medical attention they need after an individual struck them with their vehicle last weekend.

A picturesque view of Cedar Point featuring a variety of roller coasters with loops and steep drops, against a backdrop of a clear blue sky and a tranquil ocean.
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Suspect in Custody Following Hit-And-Run of Cedar Point Employee: GoFundMe Page Activated

A suspect has been apprehended in connection with an incident on Friday where a driver reportedly ran over a Cedar Point employee’s legs. The individual, identified as Riley J. Brock, 26, was taken into custody in the early afternoon at a residence in Southgate, Michigan, as stated by Sandusky police Chief Jared Oliver. Brock faces a fourth-degree felony charge for purportedly fleeing the scene of the accident. He awaits extradition to Sandusky for arraignment.

Authorities were dispatched to the park’s main parking lot around 8 p.m. after receiving reports of a hit-and-run collision involving a park traffic worker. Upon arrival, the employee, later identified as Kyle Allen, informed officers that he had been struck by a Cadillac Escalade, according to a police report. An eyewitness at the scene told officers that the vehicle had departed the area and recounted hearing someone shouting for the car to halt as it struck the employee.

The witness observed the employee fall to the ground, with the vehicle allegedly running over both of the employee’s legs before departing, according to the police report. In response to Friday’s incident, family members initiated an online fundraiser for Allen. Allen’s mother, Buffy Caldwell, initiated the fundraiser on GoFundMe to assist with expenses during his recovery from injuries.

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“Any contributions will go toward his medical bills,” Caldwell stated on the fundraiser page. “We are extremely thankful he survived, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who stayed with Kyle until help arrived, as well as to all the medical personnel and witnesses who came forward.” The fundraiser was launched early Tuesday morning with a goal of $15,000. As of Tuesday evening, they have received slightly over $400 in donations.

In other news, Cedar Point is dealing with the unfortunate news that its newest ride, Top Thrill 2, is officially shutting down after the manufacturing company reported on a piece of the attraction needing to be refurbished. This would have been dangerous had people continued to ride the roller coaster.

Cedar Point’s highly anticipated revamp of the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster, now dubbed Top Thrill 2, has been shut down indefinitely shortly after its initial public debut. Cedar Point’s press release, disclosed to Fox News Digital on May 12, stated, “Top Thrill 2 is presently undergoing an extended closure as Zamperla (the ride’s manufacturer) carries out mechanical adjustments to the ride’s vehicles.”

Thrill-seekers experience an adrenaline rush on a Top Thrill 2 roller coaster at Cedar Point, overlooking a scenic waterfront.
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Furthermore, according to the user’s observations, Top Thrill 2 encountered numerous rollbacks last week before the ride closed, with reports indicating as many as 30 instances. Rollbacks on roller coasters happen when a train fails to complete its ascent and doesn’t reach the track’s highest point. Instead, it loses momentum and rolls backward, descending the incline it just ascended. These occurrences can result from inadequate speed, technical glitches, or adverse weather conditions like strong winds.

Rollbacks pose significant risks mainly due to their potential to create unpredictable and potentially hazardous situations. When a coaster undergoes a rollback, it can lose momentum and fail to reach the next segment of the track, possibly resulting in a stalled or incomplete ride experience. This situation may leave riders suspended mid-air or stranded on a steep incline, causing discomfort, anxiety, and, in rare instances, injuries.

Please take the time, if you have it, to visit the official GoFundMe page for Kyle Allen and donate what you can for this theme park employee so they can do what needs to be done to pay for medical bills, hospital bills, and more. Cedar Point is now open through the end of October. Stay tuned to Inside The Magic for more updates on this developing story. Cedar Point is now open through the end of October. Stay tuned to Inside The Magic for more updates on this developing story. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cedar Point, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, Castaway Bay, Cedar Point Resorts, Kings Island, the Millennium Force, Frontier Town, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and more are all owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, offering admission to some the best roller coasters in the world.

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