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Knott's berry farm: welcoming visitors to california's original theme park, juxtaposed with a sign indicating the amusement park is closed while the marketplace remains open.

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  1. phak

    I took my eight year old autistic nephew back in may on a tuesday. It was the least crowd I’ve ever seen since being born in 76 living down the street. Was enough open for my Nephew to enjoy a day from 11am to 5pm when he was tired and we did everything that was open. It wasn’t crowded enough for them to open the Horse coaster. They waited on Hangtime for car to fill asking anyone in line to fill car for launch otherwise every1 waits.

  2. Paul

    No more military discount days! They are so greedy.screw knottsberry farm

    1. Joe

      You should look things up before you say things that are not true. Military can get in for $59.99 most days. Buy the tickets on the Knott’s website. They also have military appreciation days during the year

    2. joe

      the entitlement you people have is CRAZY. PAY THE FULL PRICE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND QUIT YOUR CRYING. don’t go on days with fireworks you wouldn’t want your ptsd to make you run and hide under a table 😂😅

  3. Brian

    The guy was wrong to complain about not getting a discount.

    Your comment about “the entitlement you people have” is crazy but it is less crazy than your opinion. Since you have most likey never been in the Military you probably have zero idea that Military people regularly work overtime plus weekends and without additional pay. Would you subject yourself to that? Most people would not.

    1. Leah

      Because some people are willing to sacrifice themselves for you and your country, that’s why.

  4. Livie

    I think that veterans who were drafted should get discounts because they didn’t have a choice to go into the military. Ex-marines are just like everyone else, right? So that’s a regular price ticket. Active duty military and their family should be allowed in for free. I also believe that little people should be able to buy a children’s priced ticket because they are limited to the rides they can go on due to height restrictions. Also, elderly and disabled people who do not go on rides, but simply watch their families and friends have fun should get in for free. These policies seem much more reasonable and fair.

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