Termite Infestation Breaks Out at Magic Kingdom, “They Were Crawling All Over Us”

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Two distinct scenes: on the left, termite mounds on a grassy field under a tree; on the right, a fairytale castle with blue turrets and pink walls under a soft pink sky.

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The Walt Disney World Resort is reportedly being overrun by pesky insects.

A dramatic evening view of a rugged, colorful mountain landscape under a twilight sky, illuminated with vibrant red and purple lighting that heightens the sense of a wild, untamed Disney frontier.
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The Walt Disney World Resort is comprised of four main theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Each one of these four locations offers some of the best theme park experiences in the world, ranging from classic and iconic dark rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to thrilling, state-of-the-art roller coasters like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Walt Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” featuring a wide range of fun and magical activities for guests to experience and enjoy. Unfortunately, this magic is being squashed by hordes of pesky insects, according to several reports from guests.

Frontierland Shootin Arcade
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With Disney World being located in Orlando, Florida, guests are often prepared to face some brutal weather conditions. During the summer months, temperatures rise fast, forcing guests to adapt and handle the high heat. Humidity is also a factor when it comes to planning and enduring a Walt Disney World vacation. Termites are pretty far down on the list of things to worry about, but guests are reportedly seeing swarms of them through the parks.

“Warning: MK is swarming with termites right now,” reads a new thread on the Walt Disney World Resort subreddit. These pesky creatures are being found all over the resort, not just at Magic Kingdom.

“Oh my gosh… they are everywhere!,” said one guest. “We noticed them on the Skyliner and afterward realized they were crawling all over us and flying around at Hollywood Studios.”

Yellow, red, and green skyliner gondolas sail with Disney's Hollywood Studios in the far distance.
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The termites have hit Disney Springs as well, and the resort’s massive district is dedicated to shopping and dining.

“Disney Springs, too. Was just there, and there was a swarm of these by the Lime garage entrance, over at the Polite Pig.”

Another guest reported termite sightings at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well, saying it was “the same here.”

The rise in termite sightings is most likely a side effect of the seasons starting to change, and as summer starts to roll around, these swarms will most likely vanish from the theme parks. However, if guests are planning on visiting Walt Disney World anytime soon, it may be smart to prepare for termites during their vacations.

While termites are certainly not normal, it’s actually quite common to encounter other creatures and critters during a Disney World trip. With the resort being located in Florida, on what used to be swamp land, guests may spot several types of birds and reptiles during their stay. Guests will find countless signs scattered all throughout the resort, warning them of alligators and snakes. Guests are required to stay out of all bodies of water (except swimming pools, of course) in order to minimize their risk of facing some of the more dangerous animals.

Have you ever spotted an animal while visiting Walt Disney World?

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