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A bustling main street lined with picturesque buildings under a moody sky, leading to a Disney castle in the distance, filled with visitors exploring the enchanting surroundings under watchful security.

Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic


  1. There seems to be differing degrees of sensitivity going on. I saw a teen-aged guy who was being sprinkled with bubbles and he acted like he was being stung by a million bees. Arms flaying and ducking his head about it. Only a few bubbles were making contact with him. Was he too sensitive to be there? Maybe. Families need to be the judge first. Perhaps a trip to the beach or lake, etc. is a better choice? Theme parks are noisy with lights, music, etc. like going to Vegas with eye sensitivity to lights. It’s all about choices. Why put a challenged child, teen, etc. through it? But never to make trouble with other guests! No…..

    1. lorraine cramer

      the only time bubbles bother me is when they go in my food, otherwise kids are kids and they love them and I enjoy watching kids play

  2. lorraine cramer

    I think that Alcohol or people that think t hey are entitled cause these problems. Get rid of the people that abuse this and ban them, period . We ALL pay to get in whether its an AP holder that lives nearby or someone t hat rents a value room or a room at a more expensive hotel and I dont see anyone as entitled

  3. Brian

    We have been to Disney World at least eight times now which might not seem like a lot to some people, however this has been our experience. Disney posts a ton of security at all of the entrances to the parks to keep people from sneaking in or bringing in unauthorized items. They have hundreds of security to make sure you have the correct pass for any special event. They have very little (to no) visible security in the parks to stop brawls or rude guests from this sort of thing. Once you are inside the parks, guests are on their own.

    1. Chris

      You might be surprised at how much security is around you. They’ll look like any other tourist. My niece was prone to nosebleed. We were sitting at a bar when she got one. Very quickly a very healthy young man sat at one of the tables and watched us. Shortly he saw what was going on. Spoke into his earpiece and left. They are there they just don’t interfere most of the time.

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