Immediate Closure: Six Flags Ceases All Operations Following Donald Trump’s Orders

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Composite image showing people attending a political rally with "make america great again" sign in an auditorium and another image of people walking towards an entrance of carowinds amusement park.

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Things are looking stormy in North Carolina and South Carolina, and now, Six Flags, the conglomerate owner of Cedar Fair, has just announced a final cease of operations at one of their theme parks.

Last night, former President Donald Trump’s comeback to the campaign trail, coinciding with the commencement of his “hush money” trial in Manhattan, was unexpectedly called off Saturday evening due to severe weather concerns in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Donald Trump
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Trump, who was traveling from a fundraiser in Charlotte, phoned into the rally at the Wilmington airport, which was taking place outdoors, advising supporters to promptly seek shelter.

“There seems to be some thunder and lightning. It’s a pretty big storm, so if you don’t mind, I think we’re going to have to just do a rain check,” said Trump.

“We’re flying in in a few minutes, but they really would prefer that we not come in because there’s a certain danger to all of this,” said Trump on a phone call that was piped into the rally speakers. “And we want to make sure that everybody is safe above all, and so they’ve asked us to ask people to leave the site and seek shelter.”

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After Trump’s announcement, the crowd expressed audible disappointment with loud groans and shouts before quickly dispersing. The event was slated to be Trump’s inaugural rally since the commencement of his criminal trial in Manhattan. The gathering occurred in an outdoor venue close to the Wilmington airport. While heavy rainfall had not commenced at the time of the cancellation, the increasing visibility of lightning strikes heightened safety apprehensions.

The storm passing through North Carolina is being said to be increasingly dangerous as the rain is turning into large hail in some areas. “I’ve never seen nothing like this. I do seen some lightning. If you can see it, it can hit you. I just want y’all to look at the size of this hail. I’ve never seen hail that big,” said one resident of NC, per ABC. Another resident stated that she was trapped in her car due to the hail storm.

Now, Carrowinds theme park has followed Donald Trump’s command, and they are shutting down for the day.

⚠️ PARK UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, #Carowinds will be closing at 1:00 PM today, April 21.

Tickets dated for Sunday, April 21, 2024, will be valid any public operating day through May 19, 2024.

While Carowinds is technically a Cedar Fair park, last year, Six Flags made a significant move by merging with its competitor Cedar Fair in an $8 billion deal.

This strategic collaboration unites a collective of 27 amusement parks, 15 water parks, and nine resort properties across North America. Following the merger’s completion, the combined companies project revenue exceeding $3 billion, as per an official statement. The parks will fall under the Six Flags name.

The entrance to Carowinds
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The park was stated to be open until 8:00 p.m., so this seven-hour cut will certainly affect any guest in the theme park right now.

The park is allowing guests to use their tickets again over the next month as a route of compensation, however, it was not stated that refunds will be given to any of the guests.

Carrowinds has intentionally turned off all replies on their X post.

We have seen Knott’s Berry Farm, a sister park to Carowinds in Anaheim, California, make sudden closures like this one due to weather in the past. When we asked the guest services team about refunds on tickets if guests cannot make it back during the reusable one-month timeline, we were told that that was the policy.

A car goes up the track on Fury 325

As Carowinds and Knott’s Berry Farm are operated under the same umbrella, these rules are likely widespread.

Typically, the theme park operates seasonally from March or April through Labor Day, with extended weekends during the fall.

What Carowinds is truly known for is its collection of world-class thrill rides. Take a spin on Fury 325, the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster, reaching heights of 325 feet and speeds of 95 miles per hour! Hold on tight for Copperhead Strike, a launched multi-inversion coaster that features a backwards section and reaches speeds of up to 50 mph.

Afterburn will take you upside down six times throughout the ride, while The Vortex will challenge you with multiple inversions and drops. For a unique experience, try Nighthawk, a flying coaster that suspends riders face-down as they soar through loops and dives.

Guests riding Thunder Striker, roller coaster opening at Carowinds following a recent amusement park announcement
Credit: Carowinds

Carowinds isn’t just about heart-pounding thrills. They also offer a variety of family-friendly attractions, including Camp Snoopy, a Peanuts-themed area with rides, shows, and attractions for young children. Cool off at Carolina Harbor, a 26-acre water park with slides, pools, and a lazy river. Take a trip down memory lane on the classic wooden mine train coaster, Gold Rusher, or get soaked on the flume ride, Do-Little Falls. Swing high on Yo-Yo, a pendulum ride that offers stunning views of the park.

Sadly, today’s fun has officially been cut short.

Would you visit a theme park in a storm? 

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