Multiple Women Arrested After Failed Disneyland Heist

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A police officer and a surprised-looking Snow White edited in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.

Multiple people have been arrested following an incident at a Disney theme park.

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Disney’s collection of theme park resorts is nothing short of astounding. Whether guests are visiting the original Disneyland Resort in California or Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, they’re bound for an unforgettable magical experience. The Walt Disney Company owns and operates a total of 12 theme parks around the world, each one offering dazzling rides and attractions, as well as world-class entertainment and service and delicious snacks and treats.

Over the years, the “Disney standard” has become a real thing, with many guests expecting a certain level of quality during their visit. For the most part, this quality is met and greatly exceeded. However, even at the Disney theme parks, bad guests can ruin the experience, with a group of guests ending up behind bars recently.

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Multiple Guests Arrested at Disney

Earlier this week, a total of three guests were caught stealing and arrested while at a Disney resort. According to the new report, three female suspects were arrested around 10 p.m. on April 2 at Disney Village, Disneyland Paris’ massive shopping and dining center. This area is similar to Disney Springs in Walt Disney World or Downtown Disney at Disneyland, allowing guests to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks and enjoy some nighttime entertainment.

The three guests reportedly stole hundreds of pins from the store and were caught while attempting to exit Disney Village after it closed. Reports indicate the three guests stole around $2,000 worth of Disney pins, meaning somewhere around 150 to 200 pins were stolen.

The three guests, a group of women aged 22, 25, and 41, were summoned to the local police station to be questioned further.

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The Disneyland Paris Resort is located in Chessy, France, and features two theme parks alongside Disney Village. Guests can get lost inside either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park, each of which features classic and beloved rides as well as unique attractions only found in the European resort. The resort’s latest additions are currently in the making, with several areas now yet under construction, including Disney Village. Multiple locations have closed permanently in recent months, with the demolition of fan-favorite areas like Planet Hollywood now underway.

All of this is being done to further improve the Disneyland Paris Resort, which generated record-high revenues during 2023.

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It’s likely that on top of any legal repercussions, the three women will also be banned from ever stepping foot on Disneyland Paris property again.

Theft is something Disney faces a lot, with multiple guests being arrested while at Disney late last year. During the Christmas and holiday festivities, several instances of theft were reported at Walt Disney World, with two guests being arrested while at Magic Kingdom. One guest reportedly stole a phone and a bag from guests until ultimately being caught. Another guest reportedly stole hundreds of dollars worth of charms from a jewelry store at the park.

Both of these instances of theft resulted in the arrest of the guest, leaving them most likely banned from the Walt Disney World property as well. Another guest was arrested late last year for allegedly attacking another guest near the Monorail station in Magic Kingdom. Several eyewitnesses posted videos online regarding the incident, with videos going viral on places like TikTok.

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