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  1. Steve

    I agree! Need something new there, all the motion screen stuff, is getting old. The universal park itself is suffering, not a lot of rides left.

    1. Rich

      I glad they got rid of Jimmy Fallon , . I never liked him from the first time I seen him in a movie he had played in every time I hear his voice my skin would crawl he has a very whiny voice . And i like going to Universal Studios but always skiped that attraction . So thank you for getting rid of it keep up the good work

      1. Lord Darlington

        Are you… anyone?

  2. John

    There is no Tram Tour at Universal Orlando

  3. Sarah d

    The Twister ride was better. It was different than anything else there.

    It was an experience, not just a motion simulation thing, which Universal had multiples of.

    1. JMR

      So was Backdraft!! That and the old Kong experience with the “banana breath” ape!!

  4. Jah


    1. Kevin


  5. Chris B

    “world-renowned late-night talk host” lol stop.

  6. The orlando Jimmy Fallen ride is not popular. Makes people physically ill. Nobody wants to vomit after a ride. Remove it.

  7. Mike

    Please, let them remove his ride Orlando. It’s a waste of space. They could put in something better. Anything would be better

  8. Maria

    The studio tour at Universal is horrible. We did that two days after we did the Warner Brothers tour, and it wasn’t even close. In fact the entire Universal park was so bad we left and went to the beach instead. Don’t waste your time or money.

  9. Ed

    It was terrible👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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