Homeless Man Charged With Felony After Disney World Attack

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A troubling incident has been reported at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Even though Disney World is considered “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” plenty of incidents happen at this iconic theme park destination in Orlando, Florida. Over the last several months, multiple guests have either been arrested or kicked out of the theme parks, or both. In December, two guests were arrested after getting caught stealing. One of these perpetrators had stolen a phone and cash from guests walking around Magic Kingdom. The other guest was caught stealing jewelry from a popular store on Main Street, U.S.A.

Both guests were apprehended by security and arrested. However, another serious consequence of breaking the rules at Disney is getting banned from the theme parks. Not only are criminals faced with many legal issues, but they are also faced with a trespass notice by Disney itself. This notice can vary depending on the incident, with some guests being banned forever.

Earlier this year, a content creator went viral after revealing that he had been banned from both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando in just a few days. The creator, Jack Doherty, did not specifically reveal what he had done to get banned but stated that he had broken some of the parks’ rules.

Now, another individual has been removed from the Walt Disney World Resort.

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According to new Orange Circuit Court Records, a homeless man has been arrested following a shocking incident involving a sheriff’s deputy. Zachary Coley, a 35-year-old man, has been charged with battery after allegedly assaulting a deputy in Walt Disney World.

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. on March 26 at Disney Springs. Disney Springs acts like Downtown Disney at Disneyland, offering guests near-endless places to shop and dine.

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According to authorities, Coley was “acting erratic” near Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.  First responders were called to evaluate Coley, but he refused medical attention. Coley then made a run for it, heading to the nearby STK Steakhouse restaurant.

“I approached the subject and made contact with him,” stated the deputy in the report. “I asked if he was OK to which he replied in an incoherent manner. I informed him that Disney wished to have him officially trespassed and asked if he had an identification with him. I informed him that we would issue him the trespass notice and have him on his way.”

As the deputy informed Coley to leave Disney Springs, Coley pulled out two bags of candy from his bag and asked the deputy if he would like some. The deputy refused, and then Coley grabbed the deputy by the vest and shoved the candy down the deputy’s clothing.

“After telling Zachary multiple times that I did not want the candy, he attempted to place it on my external body armor,” explained the deputy. “When he observed that the bag would not stay where he was trying to place it, with the candy still in his hand, he grabbed the front of my vest in the area of the neck, abruptly jerked it away from my body, and began to shove the candy down the front of the inside of my vest.”

Coley was arrested and taken to the local jail. Coley pleaded not guilty to this third-degree felony in April.

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