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(L-R): Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) were shocked; 'Harry Potter' Characters

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  1. JD Carter

    JK Rowlings is an example of ultra conservative, narrow minded thoughts that reflect the attitude of a Racist & Bigot.
    Regardless of her writing ability, she is still an awful.perdon full of hate & disrespect for people.
    She hasn’t a clue about women’s s rights. She is just another entitled blow hard. She should stick to Truth Social platform, where this type of public tirade & trash talking is common. We should boycott all her books & movies to show her she is nothing more than a bitter old woman with really nothing to say, but bigoted garbage.

    1. Dal Watson

      Come now. Ranting is just so TG.

  2. I am sorry but if someone has male genitals then I don’t want them entering a woman’s bathroom. I don’t feel safe. I am certain that there are men doing this for unsafe reasons. Perhaps there are some who are not but how can one be sure who is who? I don’t feel “men” should be allowed to participate in female sports either.

  3. Carl

    Rowling can rant all she wants. It’s not going to change the FACT that transgendered people exist, that they have every right to live their lives, and she cannot control them, or her actor prodigies who portrayed the kids in the series.

    She can wait until perdition for them to “apologize” to her so she can rebuff them. I doubt they will, nor are they likely inclined to do so.

    People who want to pick fights are very insecure. Bullies are very insecure, and there is no lack of bullies in either English or American society. Her negative publicity rants serve only to reinforce that those with open minds may not wish to watch her films/miniseries or read her books.

    I wish her happiness FAR away from those she wishes to do harm or have others do harm to.

    1. Dal Watson

      Wow. What textbook BS

  4. Chris

    I agree with rowlings

  5. Dal Watson

    Totally agree with Rowlings. So tired of sneering pseudo intellectuals with daddy issues & superiority complexes.

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