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Daniel radcliffe, j.k. rowling, emma watson, and rupert grint posing together at a film premiere, with an inset showing a behind-the-scenes shot of a movie set.

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  1. The trans community demands rights and protection that they deny JK Rowling and others who don’t share their perspective. If every opinion/position doesn’t have value, then none do.

  2. Barbara

    The Harry Potter stories have nothing g to do with transgendering. Neither pro or con. Why focus?

  3. Mercy

    I am also against how she feels about transgenders and transitioning but that’s my opinion, just like she has hers. The transgender lifestyle probably isn’t all peaches and roses. Even if it’s the minority there probably are some in that life who has had a negative experience with it. You can’t be upset because she’s speaking on that end of it. Bet you every single person in your life, whether directly like people you see all the time, or indirectly like a good author or actor or artist, has an opinion you don’t like. It’s not like you’re wearing JK’s clothing line or rocking her perfume. It’s just reading a good book and watching good movies that have changed all of our lives and have nothing to do with transitioning or transgender people. Doing that doesn’t mean you support her opinions. It means you like her work, which she’s freaking incredible at. She’s an amazing author regardless. The Harry Potter series was my entire childhood as well as many members of my family. And I’m still in love with it all. That’s not going to change just because she has an opinion or view I don’t like. And I’m definitely going to see the new movie because it sounds just as amazing. Keep doing your thing, JK.

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