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  1. Tim

    Agreed that changed are needed. Disney should have used documentation system. Also the language used on the website is very Ableist eliteist. Form a circle a person? How stupid is that!

  2. Stephanie

    I got cancer about a year 1/2 ago and used the DAS pass. I haven’t had any issues with wait times. My chemo gave and the after effects still give me neuropathy in my hands and feet 24/7. I can’t stand for long periods of time, be out in the sun or hold things in my hands. Going to Disney was the one time where I got to forget about my treatments. The DAS pass was a life saver on our trip. Yes, some people are going to abuse it but if it helps one person like me, make memories with my family, (you never know if the cancer will come back), then its worth it. I would trade in my DAS pass in a second if I was healthy and didn’t need it.

    1. George

      Maybe adding more scooters would help ! It sucks showing up an hour after the parks open and find out no more scooters ?? So you sit there and wait till someone brings one back ?

  3. Denise from MA

    I truly don’t understand why Disney cant do what every other park requires – a physician’s note outlining the accomodations necessary for each guest asking for a DAS. They do not require park-goers to disclose sensitive medical information but do require very specific information on the accomodations required and in some cases, why (what could happen if not granted). Disney does this via phone with a person but does not require medical information to support it. If they did, not many people would be able to abuse the system as they do today.

    1. David kinsman

      I am a spinal cord double amputee cancer survivor and I don’t qualify for DAS

    2. Amy

      Exactly! We just visited universal and they required a note from the doctor explaining my daughter’s condition and what limitations she has. It worked great and anyone with actual health issues should have no issue getting a note from their doctor.

  4. Sherry Sampson

    I am a left below the knee amputee and was denied a DAS pass. I was told to utilize a wheelchair. I have fought long and hard not to have to use a wheelchair. Not to mention, any time I tried to rent a scooter, they didn’t have any. Totally, disappointed in Disney’s handling of my disability. Everything is about money at Disney.

  5. Sharon

    It’s not greed. Disney is due for a major upgrade. It’s been like this when I was a kid. They are trying to make it more attractive.

    1. Mark

      Oh its greed, dont kid yourself.

  6. Jo

    We have been using DAS for 17 years for our Son who has Autism, Asperger’s with sensory and mobility issues, it has been a godsend and is the only way we can fully enjoy the parks. Over those years we have had many changes, because large parties would rent wheelchairs to get a DAS so they made lines accessible, locals with a DAS renting themselvesbout as VIP tour guides, and limiting the size of the party. Over the last few years once we have returned to the ride on our return Time the wait time in the line has drastically increased, which in some cases has completely defeated the point of a DAS. Whether this is down to lightening lanes and Genie Plus or even the amount of people getting a DAS I do not know. I do feel for those that have previously been eligible for one who now are not, I can only assume Disney are trying to find away to give it to those with disabilities that can not stay in line etc, rather than to those with conditions, and please do not take that as me belittling anyone’s reasons for apply for one. Universal and other parks are now starting to make people apply via “IBCCES” which requires proof of disability you apply before travel and you just show you electronic card to guest services at the park to gain DAS access. Which gets around Florida laws about asking about medical issues. Hopefully this issue will all settle down as everyone seems to focusing on the fact it is neurological conditions which cover alot more that Autism.

    1. Sandra

      I to have used disability pass for over 15 yrs., I cannot stand long periods or do stairs, leg and back issues, heart involvement so limited standing time, transplant patient, plus SLE. I use my OWN scooter not a rented scooter on my bad days.
      Yes, I’ve seen many “cheaters” abusing Disney’s disability passes plus bringing in “service dogs” that are obviously not a service dog but their pet, their karma.
      Hopefully the new guidelines will loosen up for other legit disabilities and require some documentation on disability to continue to use the system.

  7. Thomas

    How can they question disabilities, but it’s against the law to question some narcissistic, snot-nosed, 19 y/o girl who is “triggered” and NEEDS her “emotional support dog” ( who CLEARLY isn’t trained as a service dog). Sounds like discrimination against the handicapped.

  8. Annmarie

    With a condition that makes it impossible to stand long on lines if u stop the das what happens when we cannot getca wheelchsir because all are rented already….. what is it going to be like with criwds walking n peole on whellchairs all over the place going into people in crowds a disaster. You are hurting yourself turning people off from going to disney

  9. Melody

    We use the DAS as we have a son with high functioning autism. We are a larger family of 6, so now Disney has lowered the guests to 4?!? So I am to look at my kids or exclude myself and husband from each ride, or pay to ride with them with may not sync or be available at the same time. Yes Disney is getting greedy. It’s not about the magical experience for their guests any longer, but more about how much is lining their pockets ! I agree with the reddit user that the DAS should still include various diagnoses, if it truly impairs your ability to wait in line.

  10. Mark

    We have used the DAS for 20yrs for my daughter with Downs.
    It has made our trips managable.
    We have tried without and it has been disasterous.
    Its a combonation of long waits, feeling confined and that brings the panic attacks.

  11. Megan

    If you’re gonna mention ‘Greed’ then what about the people who fake a disability to steal DAS from those who really need it? DAS should be reserved for those who really can’t wait in a physical queue. Not given greedy selfish lying cheapskates trying to game the system.

    Is Disney expensive? Yes it is. Is it annoying to choose between paying for Genie+ or waiting in line? Yes. But Disney is a capitalistic company that sells a great product that we all enjoy. And I’d argue that most of us would agree that Disney is a superior product compared to many other amusement/theme park brands. Premium products usually have premium pricing. So I guess I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. The choice is simple pay up and enjoy it or do something else with your $ if you don’t think it’s worth the price.

  12. Geoff

    The numbers of people using the disability system has become unmanageable. It has to be on a ‘need to have’ not a ‘want to have’ basis. Pretty much all guests over say, 80 years old or parents with very young children can’t queue for an hour or so. A workable system would be those unable to queue wait at the head of the queue with a Carer while the rest of the party join the line. When they reach the front , the disabled guests join them. No need for special passes, no cheating or queue jumping.

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