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Disney California adventure entrance

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  1. Chris

    You have always had to take off hats and glasses for the photos, nothing new here in that regards and will likely continue. Hopefully this will make it easier for them to ban people for things like smoking in the parks.

    1. Linda

      In this day and age this is a must it seems therefore I am fine with it

      1. Tim

        Have you seen any of the modern day movies where this technology is used? Do you want to live that way? Yes they are movies but the ones making those movies are also working with the ones that want to be our overlords and by making fiction people will dismiss this is what is going to happen. Be careful what you accept as it can be turned on you because you have been conditioned to accept it.

        1. Don Marshall

          This is an ABSOLUTE NO for my minor children.

          1. Peggy

            Are you planning to say “no” at the gate or just won’t go?

        2. Chris

          The entire planet is becoming more and more Not See run.

          “Safety” in the name of yet MORE CONTROL over us by The Powers That Be.

          Many of you may not SEE it yet, but you will soon enough.

          1. 2blue

            It’s all about Money…not safety!! They don’t want people reselling tickets and passes so this handles that. Disney wants ALL of the money!!

        3. Chris

          EXACTLY… Unfortunately, this has all been considered “okay” because of Indoctrination.

      2. Dee

        It’s too much. Overkill treating all
        People like criminals!

        1. Peggy

          You’re right. It’s like guilty until proven innocent. The sad fact is people can get your picture in a public space like that anyway and it’s legal…at the local pool there were teens taking video of their friends (acting like goofy morons of course), and my young kids happened to be where they drifted off to. They just kept filming. I was telling my husband I was going to ask them to stop…but they have the right to do that apparently. I have to keep my kids out of the way or out of the pool if I don’t want them in videos of some stranger. That’s what it’s come to now. And we don’t have social media or anything for this reason. I black out my kid’s cameras on the tablets they use for homeschool. But most people also send their kids to public school….at my kids public preschool they had forms, we refused consent for pictures and they still took them anyway. They are protected by the district in much worse matters than that too.

          So I’m caught in between. I don’t want the pictures taken, but if they want to take and use them for nefarious means at Disney…they can. Most of us already have ride photos linked to tickets/passes anyhow …

          People haven’t realized how bad it already is. We don’t even use an Echo/Alexa anymore in our home…but we have phones. So it’s sort of silly. All of these devices can listen in etc, I’ve heard even when off. Most of us don’t have real privacy anymore and definitely not in public places like Disney.

          1. Pam t

            Nope. I won’t go. I knew when Facebook started that was a bad idea, turns out I was right. I keep my phone put away from daily conversation. I have a card but if your business doesn’t take cash I don’t deal with you.i have a card but I use it when I say so, not you.i will not help with facial recognition either. This has been about control all along. I don’t even think all the businesses implementing some of this realize where it leads. A lot is built in to the new technology and they pitch as easy and safe. Like the iPad registers automatically asking for tips at basically self service counter service, built in and pitched to businesses as safer and easier. They will stop if it hurts their bottom line. They tried facial recognition cameras in our downtown and people immediately said they would go other places. The whole project was killed.

        2. CJ

          Why would the innocent care?

      3. Peggy

        Unfortunately this is how it starts. I’m not very comfortable with it because I don’t put my face or my children’s faces on social media anymore. Unfortunately I did find out even sending a photo to family or saving it on the cloud can mean people use those photos however they want….but it can make you/your loved ones a target.

        So I try not to send much, especially with locality. I think we would be foolish to assume Diz won’t sell our pictures and info to websites that will be out there as long as the Internet exists.

    2. Charles Elias Disney II

      My cousin Walt Disney has a phrase. You can walk and smoke around the parks, but do not smoke in my lines or rides. People like you are the reason we are in a deficient. Anti-Smokers are duped by Nazi War Criminals of WW II, Nazis hated smokers and executed smokers. Smoking is a human right, brainwashed Nazi.

      1. Jeremy

        No, smoking isn’t a human right. Saying so makes it more clear to everyone else you are a moron.

        1. Raymond


      2. Dg

        Then do it in your own home, where the effects are felt by yourself and your own family. It is a known carcinogen whi h others do not want to ingest.

        1. Raymond


      3. Jaye

        People with respiratory problems can come to the park and not worry about being sent to the ER ,asthma is quite common, let alone many other things

        1. Peggy

          I don’t think we need to make rules for the people with asthma and I am one of them. Just as I don’t think everyone should have to wear a mask for me. If I want to wear one I can. That’s good enough. Otherwise shouldn’t be going to a crowded park.

          I do think smoking needs to be kept to a very specific area at least and in a far corner of the park.
          Unfortunately last time they had smoking areas at DCA, they were right next to kiddie rides and the smoke easily blown all over. Plus some parents would bring their babies and just sit them on the edge. 😢 It made my husband and I not smoke the rest of the day.

          If they made it possible but Inconvenient: the extremely addicted could go be a nuisance to themselves and the rest don’t have to be bothered. We went with family that is super addicted and they smoked in bathrooms and did all sorts of stupid crap that almost got them kicked out, plus they reeked of smoke and you could smell it nearby (before we put two and two together). We told them to stop and leave the park and they said ok and still did it anyway. These are boomers BTW, not some kooky teenagers.

          If they could’ve just went off to a far corner inside the parks they would’ve. We would hardly see them…but just as well.

      4. Peggy

        During Hitler’s day smoking was not nearly as harmful as it is today. Firstly.

        Secondly it’s about what the majority prefers in a Democratic Republic. Most people know it’s bad for you (extremely rare is the smoker with 100% natural tobacco or even weed anymore). Though so is the food. But when someone eats unhealthy food it’s not going to get in your face and the faces of your kids.

        I wouldn’t be against a smoking area, I think that’s the only way to handle it TBH. I’ve been to Disney with people addicted to smoking and it was unpleasant. They were like crack heads to get their fix. I would’ve preferred they spent most the day away from us in their own little far off corner of the park than to sneak places to come back reeking of smoke and making places across the park reek of smoke.

        I used to smoke, but it was when they did have designated areas. Even then I felt terrible for smoking because the wind would carry the smoke to baby strollers etc (because idiotic mothers would bring their baby stroller and leave it at the edge so they could get a 15 min drag off a f@g).

        So my husband and I ended up not even using their smoking areas again because it was terrible what we were exposing kids to. That’s just decrepit behavior that doesn’t belong in Disney.

    3. Tim

      And just how do you expect this? A place in NYC used this platform to deny people that the owner didn’t like, oh the place is a small venue called Madison Square Gardens.

    4. Matt

      This isn’t exactly a new thing. They have always wanted to see you and many times with an ID on initial entry. The headline made it sound like they were taking DNA samples and strip searching everyone.

    5. Peggy

      Aren’t you allowed to smoke at DCA? They had smoking areas when I was last smoking but that was a decade ago.

  2. ChasUGC

    Hopefully, this will reduce criminal activity in the park.

    1. Peggy

      Yeah because that’s how it works. They already allow tramps to walk around with barley any clothing on, are they going to stop convicted pedophiles at the gate and deny entry, missing out on money? I don’t think so. This is mostly so they can both make sure people aren’t using other people’s passes/tickets and also to track and sell your information. Guaranteed. Those websites that give someone’s information will be having pictures attached.

      It sucks because my family is pretty cautious. We don’t use social media anymore. We don’t send pictures willy nilly to people. We cover cameras on devices at home.

      But this is the nature of the beast unfortunately. I didn’t like the idea of magic bands either…but many use them. We need photos with our passes. They were just allowed to be very old. Lol But anyone can take video or pictures of you in the parks, downtown Disney etc and they don’t need your permission. The difference is Disney probably has your address etc. But looking like you have to choose if you want to visit or not. I don’t think they will make exceptions when it comes to this.

  3. Bill

    This sounds just like Communist China, were this system tracks the citizens on the streets in order to keep track of them. I never dreamed the Mouse House would do the same toward their guests privacy.

    I have a spotless record but will never knowingly be subjected to such a tyrannical corporate system.

    I’m now old enough to remember when America’s was the “Land of the free.”

    I do believe the mouse & Co. has subtracted my last dollar from me, or my family.

    1. lorraine cramer

      no matter where we are, we are being filmed, so what does it matter, especially when it has to do with children

    2. Nichole

      Couldn’t agree more with you!

    3. Daniel

      I couldn’t agree more.

      1. Diana

        I used to live in Florida and frequently visited Ðisney. They need this to start banning problem visitors who jump lines.

    4. Steve

      Sorry buddy..we live in challenging and dangerous times.Suck it up, buttercup!

      1. Alexis

        You sound like sheep. Anyone who thinks this is okay might as well move to China. You welcome this communist regime and call yourselves Americans?

        1. Amy

          Most of the idiots who willingly comply with unnecessary measures ARE sheep, unfortunately. We have the right to refuse whatever we want.

    5. Johnno

      Blah blah blah, you will be there next week. And, btw, the government already has your face on file if you have a driver’s license

      1. Peggy

        My face. It also looks nothing like me. LOL and my kids aren’t on drivers licenses. They also aren’t on social media and don’t go to public school.

        Though I am realistic and know they still have pictures on the cloud before I knew that was an issue. And we haven’t stopped taking pictures just to stop that. Though I’d like to.

        Sadly strangers gave had my kids on video and camera and I have nothing I can do legally about it, if we were in a public space/someone else’s home etc.

        That’s the times.

    6. Peggy

      Um….I have passes to Disney and they have required pictures since at least 2016 or so.

      It’s not new or surprising. You get your picture taken on rides too and I thought that was linked to all tickets now.

      Also anyone can take your picture in public spaces and can use it, without permission. As long as they don’t sell it. Disney will probably sell it. So that sucks. But it’s the nature of the beast.

      I was upset by some teenagers recording videos on their phones in our community pool…my young kids were in the picture because their oaf selves ended up near my kids. I was very angry but there’s nothing I could do but keep moving my kids away or leave. Legally they have the right now.

      As for public school it’s the same. If you think they respect a parent’s withdraw of consent you’re bananas. I used to be too until I found out they DGAF. At least here where the school district has plenty of funding for attorneys.

      Unless you live in the middle of nowhere this is something pretty much unavoidable. And I say this as someone that doesn’t put pictures of my family on social media, we cover cameras on devices at home etc.

      But our info is still out there. I was trying to figure out my own record recently and found out if willing to pay there’s tons of personal info that won’t ever go away. None of it by my permission. I was told I can go through months of trouble to try to get it removed from one site but there are thousands.

      So good luck. The best thing you can do is try to not put info out there in the first place. But like I said….if you use social media, the cloud, send pics to family on the phone or email…it’s all at risk. If you really want to be careful you won’t go to theme parks.

    7. Amy

      Same. We have no more freedom anymore in this country. Its all about control. It gets worse everyday.

  4. Amy

    When Univeral had my picture it came up on a screen for a person to check, who would be able to see if it were the same person even wearing a hat and sunglasses, same with Disney and my picture for my DAS. As long as there is human review and the pictures are deleted after a set amount of time like the ones for DAS, I have no problem with this. I think it will be helpful in a lot of ways from ease of uniting lost parents with their children to the quick and easy identification of those who believe the rules don’t apply to them.

    1. Rroe

      This is still the land of the Free and were getting tired of being abused by the few that take advantages of our Country. If you don’t like it, move overseas somewhere.

      1. Brenda

        Or just keep your face covered at all times outside of your home. See all the places you won’t be allowed in. Your face is not private. You could have it removed, I guess. But it would leave something recognizable.

    2. lorraine cramer

      I have no problem with it either, Every time we go to Universal studios they click our picture. If you have a pass then there shouldnt be a problem

    3. Peggy

      You’re optimistic that they would return your lost children. 😳 I’m not that trusting even though we go to the parks. I’ve seen too much suspicious activity. As much as I used to Rapunzel it out and rely on the kindness of strangers …it’s a corporation that’s shown they can be bought by/will hire some real sickos in the past decade.

      That being said, as much as I hate them having our pictures and my kid’s pictures, I know in a public space anyone can take pictures without permission and it’s legal. Unfortunately.

      Also if sending kids to public school and think consent matters for pictures that’s crazy. They don’t care. We avoid social media, no personal pictures on it anyway. Which is why most people don’t bother to use that for us anyway lol. We block cameras in home devices. Pretty cautious. But we know Disney has our info.

      I liked that our kid’s photo was very old and they didn’t update it…but any day now they must be doing that. They keep telling us how little they were when we first got passes. So kinda funny. But I know of a few ways we can also mix it up.

  5. Marc Schreiber

    Although not automated each guest aboard a Disney vessel must submit a photo of their passport and a recent face-forward, no glasses or head coverings photo as part of the check-in process. A security officer compares this info whenever the guest boards or deboards the ship. DCL has the info and could integrate it into face recognition software. It does NOT worry me.

  6. Kels

    I’m dying laughing at some of y’all. You’re so worried about having a picture out there and worried the government is going to track you. You use a phone, they already do. You have a driver’s/ID. They already do. You put a picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. but you bitch about a company making sure you are the person you say you are. Wow.

    1. Lincoln Litchfield

      I don’t have a problem with it, now if the government will only use this for voting. No ID, no vote.

    2. Jim

      Exactly…. these are probably the same people who cover their windows with aluminum foil.

      1. Nate

        Hey the aluminum foil keeps the sun out and I like a dark room

  7. Robbie

    I’m all for it if it keeps people safer.

  8. Stitch

    Sounds like a step toward doing away with cast members at the gate entirely. Or at least reducing them.

  9. Whome

    Always use fear to take freedom from free people. 911 brought security bag checks to airports and theme parks. That was step one. They always do things in stages and it’s always “for our safety ” but ultimately it’s being installed for future climate esg scores ie a totalitarian control. They will always use fear or health etc to install their framework needed . Once people realize whats going on it will be far too late. Disney is owned and operated by TAVISTOCK think tank . They don’t care about your trip to the park . That’s not why they do what they do .

    1. Johnno

      Welcome all to “Whackjob Monday” here in the comment section!!

      Whome has set the bar high, but let’s see who the craziest conspiracy theorist is today!!

  10. Bruce Thibodeau

    They better have a visional photo of J Depp for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie or it will be a total flop

  11. Lori

    Disney gets no money from me. They do this so no one will break park rule. Over reach at it’s finest.. Worse than getting a passport. Minor children should not be subject. No ticket sharing. This opens Pandora’s’ s box.

  12. Anon

    Looks like I won’t be going to Disneyland then!

  13. Dennis

    LoL only thing rich and elite can enjoy. Not like when it first opened that’s sad

  14. Mike Cavey

    The only issue I have with this whole thread is the word “crackdown.” I’m all in for a secure environment.
    As for “crackdown,” for the last decade plus, we’ve dealt with more malcontents, ne’re-do-wells, social one-ways, etc., than I remember in my first half-century as a Disney fan before that. There are tons of folks that can get through a photo check-in and still be total A-Holes when they get inside. What’s the plan to deal with these folks?

    1. Amy

      Simple, don’t make us take a picture like we’re in prison.

  15. Erb

    Disney is so woke. I will never spend a dime on them again. I will never support their values or anything they represent…
    So sad. Walt Dianey is rolling over in his grave with all of the messed up culture cancelling woke bs thY goinf on.

    1. FedUp with Morons

      Please stay away Erb. I prefer to go to Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and everywhere else without conspiracy theory morons judging anyone not like them As a matter of fact, please don’t leave your house. Oh and you know that you’re being tracked every time you turn on your internet connected computer. Please unplug your computer and crawl back under the rock from which you crawled.

  16. Me

    We live by the sword, we die by the sword. You cant use technology to your advantage throughout life and expect others to not. The only people that I feel have the right to bitch are people living off grid without any type of technology whatsoever. Oh that’s right they wouldn’t be on here bitching anyway would they? They wouldn’t know anything about any of this. They are too busy minding the crops and the livestock to care what new rides and rules apply at Disney. They may even ask…what is Disney? No they wouldn’t because we will never see them. Those would be the ones with the right to freak out about conspiracies

  17. Bea

    Oh, get over yourselves and privacy. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. Walk into Target…camera. Walk into a grocery store…camera. Walk into a 7-Eleven…camera. Drive on some roads…camera. Are we getting the picture? Pun intended.

    1. Parker

      Yours is the stupid response that is to blame for all of our loss of privacy. Sure , put a camera in my house and watch me. If I don’t have anything to hide it shouldn’t be a problem. You will probably cut in line , when the train comes that is supposed to take you to safety. Keep on grazing , I’m sure it will be fine.

    2. Amy

      Maybe I don’t want my ugly face in their system. That’s what I’d like to hide.

  18. Jk

    All you people have phones. You’re already in the system!

  19. Chris

    Same thing most cruise ships do

  20. Collee3n

    I never thought I’d say this..but I despise Disney.
    It was literally my happy place. After covid they could not WAIT to screw over their loyal passholders. Then strip you of privacy. Everyones attitude is thats the way it is”No..it’s bs! I have no desire to ever go back..nor do I want to watch their garbage movies. Now theyve lost their rights to Mickey.and everything else. Just greedy nonsense. What’s that noise? Wat rolling in his grave.

  21. Amy

    This is BULL and I wont comply!! I hate it even when doctors or dentist offices make us take a picture for our file. Unnecessary. A lot of people like me hate getting their pictures taken and I have since grade school. It’s not right.

    1. Kevin

      Then don’t go.

      1. Brian

        Well it looks like it’s mostly the bigots, right wing conspiracy nuts, and Anti-American whack jobs who object…. Just makes the parks safer and a nicer place for the rest of us!

        1. Keno


          1. NoName

            Then anybody should be able to show an I.D. to vote!

          2. Nienna

            I haven’t been since I was a child in 1993 and now I won’t. I have medical reasons for wearing a hat, if I have to take it off in order to go I won’t be able to.

        2. Kristen

          Looks like it’s mostly wacko liberals who do agree. Anything to give more power to the corporations and government and take away more of the American peoples freedoms. 🐏🐏🐏

        3. SP KELLY

          How does it increase safety?
          The only thing the article describes is tracking.

          1. Nienna

            It probably scans various State’s sex offender registries to find a match. In addition, it probably will throw out known troublemakers in the Disney parks.

        4. Kelly

          It’s ironic that you say that when most left wing nuts believe you shouldn’t have to show ID to vote

          1. Julie

            Are pedos trying to diddle kids at the polls?

        5. K

          People who blindly comply to everything is exactly why this country is going to hell.. But then again if you’re stupid enough to pay hundreds of dollars to Walk around a park all day. I would say you’re the one that’s an idiot.

        6. Tony

          So if someone’s a Republican, and/or Christian, their anti-American. Is that what I’m hearing you say?

    2. Keith Breedlove

      Try to fly internationally and come back into the states — quick line because they have your picture, or a really long line because they don’t.

    3. Steve

      I agree, this is more unconstitutional bs liberal company’s are forcing on citizens, I won’t be going to Disney again…ever, it should be optional not required.

      1. Q

        Wait until you hear about Driver’s Licenses!

    4. Lou

      You tell um. There are 1000s of other things to do with your time.

  22. Gary Giles

    If its improving safety no problem. Anyone who has a problem with better security, go elsewhere no one is forcing you to go in.
    CCTV is everywhere, 99% of the time you don’t even notice it. Get through security and enjoy your time in the parks.

    1. K

      Your face in their system has nothing to do with security! Wake up

      1. Nienna

        Actually, it does. They use facial recognition technology to make sure that people who come in are not on any state’s sex offender registry. This is very important considering that Disneyland/ Disney World are considered children’s entertainment. And sometimes parents lose their kids.. in addition, the system will also throw out known troublemakers who have been previously thrown out of the park.

        1. Barb

          Many sex offenders work for Disney. Just ask the child actors coming forward to report it!!!

        2. UseUrBrain

          So how did they keep the children safe for that last 69 years? And maybe do a lil research, multiple people high up the corporate ladder at Disney have been removed from their executive positions and some caught red handed sexually assaulting young children. Google it!!! Disney is not scanning and storing people’s faces do halt sex offenders. If they were they would be interviewing executives to replace the abusive ones that run the operation.

  23. Gemma Romano

    I stopped going to Disneyland years ago and I’m really happy I did. They should call it greed land now. I think that’s a lot more fitting. And you spend a lot of money to go and have to rides are being refurbished.

    1. ZachinKY

      Wait, why are you still here?

      1. Anonymous

        The article literally asked for people’s opinions, & now fragile morons like you are going around attacking anyone who has a different opinion than you. If you don’t like what they have to say, then stop reading.

        1. Sherry Farr

          Disney isn’t the only corporation using facial recognition. Walmart has been toying with the idea to deter shoplifting. They use it in many European stores & it’s helped a lot. Your face is already being filmed for security so what’s the big deal.

  24. Ralph

    This is not about safety, it’s about making sure that they can squeeze every penny out of everyone that goes into the parks. People are already screened for weapons, and other prohibited items, so what are they looking for with facial recognition? Surely not terrorists.

    My wife and I have already stopped going there. There are other things to do that don’t involve making reservations, paying exorbitant amounts of money, or feeling like I’m going into a top secret military facility. So, for the time being, until Disney gets treated for their extreme paranoia, I will not subject myself to that insanity.

  25. The Mouse

    Anything to capture more data on visitors and make the place more exclusive of riff raff, I’m for it. JK, this is unnecessary.

  26. Ran col

    I agree on the safety of the guest . By using security personal. This is just another way to sat up profiling people. I may be wrong but from checking disney is no longer AMERICAN OWEN. WHAT DOES THIS SAY. There are so other ways to insure safety. And the cost is so much greedy. Im aware the that it cost to run. But where does it stop. One way to stop this and other companies is not to go! . It’s so sad that God’s plains are be wiped out.

  27. Mark

    This has NOTHING to do with security!
    It’s ALL about making sure that people cannot share a pass.
    Cedar Fair does this at their parks for season pass holders.
    They just don’t use facial recognition software.
    When they scan your pass your picture comes up on their screen and a human decides if it looks like you.

    1. Nienna

      Actually it is about security. They use facial recognition technology to make sure that A guest guest is not on any state’s sex offender registry.

  28. jim

    fkkk the disney pedos

    1. Anonymous

      Got nothing nice to say then don’t comment .

  29. Trooph

    Another reason to boycott that club of pedos…

    1. Anonymous

      Got nothing nice to say then don’t comment .

      1. Anonymous

        The article literally asked for people’s opinions, & now fragile morons like you are going around attacking anyone who has a different opinion than you. If you don’t like what they have to say, then stop reading.

  30. Sam Smith

    Bet blacks will be the most rejected and lead to lawsuits.

    1. Michele

      If you have tickets and go through the medal detectors then why do they need a photo? What do they use it for? We give up to many freedoms and never ask why. Did it occur to anyone that if there China systems get hacked our information is out there. Do I need to fill out a questionnaire that asks what my gender is and if I am an American Citizen? If you give them an inch they will take a mile.

  31. Brian

    Well it looks like it’s mostly the bigots, right wing conspiracy nuts, and Anti-American whack jobs who object…. Just makes the parks safer and a nicer place for the rest of us!

    1. Big Trey

      Sounds like standard libtard drivel while denying the actual issues with this.

  32. Todd

    This is dumb , enough already

  33. Todd

    Careful what you wish for lefties , before you know it you’re gonna get your way .. and the rest of us who work for a living will be taking our $$ elsewhere, it’s well known that your fellow lefties rely on us to keep there doors open

  34. Erika

    It’s to stop people from sharing passes and to keep people that are banned from the park out. It’s not that deep. You know what it could help with? Tracking down child traffickers and identifying kidnapped children. If a picture of a missing child is uploaded, is scanned at the park, they can alert authorities. People resort to the worst possible option because they just love to sit there in misery and fear. No one is out to get you. If they wanted your face, they could easily buy it from one of the hundreds of companies that already have it. Ya know, ones like Costco. 🙄

  35. Bob Bicceroni

    “I don’t like it!” Well, I don’t like the inflated prices. There are a lot of things I don’t like. It comes down to: go or stay home. Your choice.

  36. K

    Disney is nothing more than a market place for Pedophiles.

  37. Ber

    Unnecessary 1,000% , I doubt human traffickers take their kidnapped people to Disneyland I agree with many others they can have me walk through medal detectors with security but they do not need to use facial recognition come on people wake up

  38. Scott

    This technology should be used in the queues, keeping track of when you entered line. If when getting to the load station, and the system identifies that you line jumped your way past 100 people you can be scolded and denied boarding. Like jumping is ridiculous because there are those who think they are more special

  39. UseUrBrain

    Everyone that is trying to gaslight that facial recognition at Disney is to halt child abduction is lying. There has never, and i repeat never, been a child that was not accounted for once going into any Disney park. Not one kid has been stolen whole visiting Disney theme parks. So stop trying to convince people of a reality that doesn’t even exist trying to relate facial recognition with safety for the children that go to Disneyland or world you liars!!!

  40. LS

    Getting your fingerprints wasn’t enough? Fingerprints were bad enough, but facial recognition? Why not make it easier than ever for scammers, that’s exactly what this will do!!!!!

  41. Daisy

    I’m very happy with that!

  42. Sarah

    Disneyland has been taking pictures when you first scan a new ticket for years! This is not new.

  43. Boom

    How does using facial recognition make the park safer?

  44. frank v

    trash like the ones who cause the need for this should just stay home, they clearly cannot afford the tickets

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