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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Resort

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  1. I agree that piloting is not for the young but also not for adults that like to crash into things for fun. My adult daughter gave us a horrible ride experience. Crashing into things and laughing like a hyena. Only serious pilots, please.

  2. Crystal

    Agreed children should NOT pilot. There was a 9 years old boy driving the last time I was on smuggler’s run and not only did he intentionally crash into everything. He was also screaming “Die stupid asses die” and his parents did nothing to stop him. No one was laughing or had fun on the ride. Being a kid should not excuse such behavior!

  3. Stella

    After having experienced the ride several times, if you aren’t in the front two seats the ride is pretty boring. Your field of view is limited by the 2 people in the front and your main job is pushing a flashing yellow button occasionally . Each time the pilot was a child. Since I really couldn’t see because the person in front was a large adult, I really have no problems with a child pilot. In fact if people were seated by height then everyone could actually see the experience.

  4. Marvin

    My 5yr old daughter was a better pilot than my wife. This is insane.

  5. Emilee

    I think anyone should be to fly the falcon if they want too. My problem is when other people say yes I will fly then get upset because they are having a hard time ( an adult) then let’s the falcon just crash and gets mad because they are done and wants to leave they also got mad when someone tried to help them. Kids flying is fine but if you don’t understand this ride let someone else fly. We are all learning to fly.

  6. This is my 5 year old daughters favorite ride simply because she gets to be the pilot. If they added age requirements it would probably stop a lot of families with small children from attending the park.

  7. Phillip

    If they can ride a bike (2 or 3 wheeled ) fine… if they can’t let a older teen or a adult drive. If I wait in line for an hour my patient on a ride grows thin!!!

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