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The image shows what Tiana's Bayou Adventure will look like at Magic Kingdom after the Splash Mountain retheme is complete.

Credit: Disney Parks


  1. Wokey Dwarf

    I spotted the Br’er trio – Fox, Bear and Rabbit – panhandling curbside on Osceola Parkway. I lowered my car window and tossed them a souvenir pressed penny of Princess Tiana, then drove off to the fading sound of bawling irrelevance.

    1. Wokey Dwarf

      The first scenario described is the one that reigns supreme. There are no multiverses here, and one comment shall rule them all. Good day, sir.


      1. Wokey Dwarf

        I do indeed sit on a throne as I type this, so we’re in partial agreement, at least. Almost there!

      2. Steve

        You keep believing those big lies. I’ll be enjoying plunging down into the Briar Patch on Splash Mountain with my kids for Disneyland’s centennial in 2055 and as Owner and essentially dictator of Disney in a park where that harpy Tiana is banned and anyone deemed “woke” is in an internment camp. Like I’ll be sued for discrimination?

      3. Nurse Pat

        Boys, settle down. It’s time for you to take your meds. Then we’re having movie night in the main lounge. They’re showing Buck Privates. It’s a Universal film, so there should be no cause for bickering.

  2. Mark Booth

    Dont forget folks . . . when you are on the new WOKE ride. Fill up your lungs and give it a big ZIP-A-DEE-DOO DAH !! It would surely only be right of coarse. Everybody needs memories.

    1. Kungaloosh

      “Coarse” is right. (I love when typos speak more truth than the speaker intended.)

    2. Zara

      It’s course not coarse

      1. Kungaloosh

        That depends. The log flume behavior he suggested would certainly be loud, boorish and unrefined, so “coarse” is the correct spelling in THAT case…of course. *smirk*

  3. get serious

    Splash Mountain was never a favorite of mine. I felt it was weak imagining created to reuse the mid-70’s America Sings animatronics.
    Glad to see the Imagineers getting to strut their stuff in new attractions.
    It would be nice to see some more modernization on Pirates, Jungle Cruise and Tiki Hut. Although must say I haven’t visited the Tiki Hut in 15 years.

  4. GregRZ

    Disney can’t run from its past. There ain’t no place that far.

  5. Rod Simonson

    I certainly expect it will continue to be my favorite ride, regardless of the backstory. The ride, unless they have made flume changes that have been kept hidden, is three separate rides, each longer and more interesting than the Mine ride. The visuals, animetronics and music were and, I assume, will continue to be enchanting. I was tiring of hearing parents, who never saw the movie, explain to children, who never would either, that “Br’er” Rabbit, et al, were named so as a reference to the “Briar” patch. Time marches on… 😎

    1. Kungaloosh

      The world will go into an eternal eclipse and cease functioning normally. Laughing places will become somber places. Magic kingdoms will become tragic kingdoms. Everything will be topsy-turvy in a way that even Quasimodo won’t enjoy – just a hunch.

      1. Steve

        More like Disney will once again be the happiest place on earth again and everything will be satisfactual and a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day with the woke undesirable demographic boycotting all things Disney and declaring “Disney wants my money but doesn’t care if they offend me and is nothing but a good old boys club stuck in the 20th century that never changes! Well Disney won’t get my money!” It’s not like Disney can’t survive without minorities and most minorities have never been offended by the way Walt ran things or the way Walker, Miller, or Eisner ran things.

        1. Captain Schadenfraude

          Actually, I have it on good authority that the nephew of the African-American “shoeshine” centaur who was edited out of subsequent releases of Fantasia has already begun to organize an independent union of non-white Disney employees, which will hold the company accountable for its hiring practices regarding people of color. Many famous Disney performers have already signed their names to the petition, including Tiger Lily and the Siamese cats. This is how the real world operates.

        2. Kungaloosh

          Actually, the nephew of the “Shoeshine” Centaur who was edited out of Fantasia is starting an independent union to hold Disney accountable, and several Disney performers have already signed the petition, including Tiger Lily and the Siamese cats.

  6. Sir Robby

    In a world of Song of the Souths, be a “The Adventures of Br’er Rabbit” or a “The Princess and the Frog.”

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