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A split-screen image showing three panels from a video of a Disney guest sharing her experience getting locked out of her hotel room and two cast members preparing to open the door.

Credit: @funsize_adventures via TikTok


  1. Cindy J

    We were staying at Fort Wilderness Cabins one year.

    My husband needed our van and had returned to the cabin to get the keys which were in the Safe.

    Housekeeping was there and wouldn’t let him in or come out so he could go in and retrieve them.. He was told he would have to wait until they were completely done.

    Aggravated as he was he probably sounded grumpy because he wasn’t feeling well that morning.

    Eventually he was able to retrieve the keys and go on. I was already long gone with the kids on the bus to enjoy the parks.

    That evening when we arrived Housekeeping had left him a Giant Crab Towel Animal on the bed for us.

    I guess they thought he had a Crabby Attitude.

    He of course was insulted but the kids and I laugh about it today as they are now all grown up.

  2. Once had problems with door. Front desk “reset” band and even gave card. Back and forth repeatedly. The “engineers” had to replace battery. Another time we requested an extra night in our room. I have MS and had done to much & the heat. So husband went up front and explained and paid full price for one more night. They said we were lucky and could stay in the same room. Nobody wants the cowboy boot rooms. Too far from anything. I said Lucky. I am physically unable to move out of this bed, so if we would have moved rooms, they would be calling Reedy Creek fire dept. To move me. They sent a house keeping supervisor house insisted on checking room. And inspect he did. I sort of understand.

    1. Jim

      Who was held hostage?

  3. Little bit dramatic.. no one was a hostage.

  4. Lynne

    That is a really poor poor choice of title considering the environment today. Do better, be better.

  5. Cindy P.

    So if you made it to the airport and all was well and you really wouldn’t have minded being stuck in Disneyland Paris, why post anything? I don’t get it

  6. So you waited till the last minute? Our bags are packed the night before. I’m not rushing on a check out day. That’s beyond stressful.

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