Disney+ Goes After Netflix, Begins Spying on Subscribers

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Disney CEO Bob Iger smiling over Netflix loading screen

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As platforms continue to grow, the streaming wars have never been stronger. Now that Disney+ and Hulu have officially merged together, competitors like Netflix and Paramount+ might need to sleep with one eye open. That said, Disney’s magical streaming subscription service still has one major element missing.

Bob Iger with Disney stock price.
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The Walt Disney Company just had its annual shareholders meeting this week (seen here), and Bob Iger had a lot to say in regard to making Disney better for its consumer base. While many longtime subscribers are exhaling a collective sigh of relief as Iger promises to lessen the cost, Disney+ is also admitting to addressing a system problem Netflix addressed years ago.

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A recent report from What’s On Disney+ shared that Iger has a lot invested in Disney’s streaming service, as well as addressing the fact that the company is taking steps against account sharing. While that might leave a bad taste in some mouths, Iger also subtly admitted the need to listen to the audience better by incorporating a new feature.

Netflix Forces Disney+ to Listen Up

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What’s On Disney+’s Roger Palmer shares the following detail in his article just after the shareholders meeting.

“Disney is looking to continue to reduce costs, so marketing costs can be drastically reduced by promoting just one streaming service and focusing on building local original programming in countries where it makes sense to do so, in order to boost more subscribers, so hopefully.”

“Iger also spoke about how they need to get Disney+ to offer better recommendations to increase engagement and get more people to watch more shows and films. The technical teams’ ability to focus on a single streaming platform allows them much more time and resources to improve Disney+. Currently, Netflix’s algorithm does a better job of showing subscribers content they might be interested in watching.  The addition of Hulu On Disney+ will help give more information, but it’s also going to take time for that data to be collected to make a meaningful difference.”

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It’s that second half of the observation that should get subscribers’ attentions. As the platform continues to battle its biggest competitor, it will reportedly offer better recommendations to “increase engagement.” That means it will essentially be watching users’ content consumption in order to formulate an algorithm or program to compete with Netflix’s.

He’s Listening

Bob Iger looking at watch with Disney+ catalog of shows in the background
Credit: Inside the Magic

With his recent statements regarding his position under Netflix, Iger is far from finished with Disney+. Additionally, isn’t the first time Iger has doubled down on “listening to the audience.” After a season of flops and underwhelming performances at the box office, things are undoubtedly getting ready to change at the Walt Disney Company.

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Iger previously stated that the company will no longer pursue projects unless they believe in their potential, and this is certainly reflected in this recent development around the streaming service. Hopefully, the company will use the potential for a stronger algorithm to learn what their viewers are actually watching and adjust their releases and developments accordingly.

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