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Rapunzel and Pascal the chameleon looking shocked in Tangled

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  1. Jen

    I loved Halle Bailey as Ariel but I think Rapunzel should be played by Florence Pugh. You don’t have to reimagine every Disney Princess. Tangled is my favorite princess and I honestly just want her to resemble the cartoon version!

    1. Steamboat Willie

      I could definitely see Pugh playing Rapunzel.

    2. Jennifer

      Sabrina Carpenter would be the perfect Rapunzel! She literally looks like the cartoon version AND she can sing!

  2. Kelsie Rains

    Rapunzel is a German girl that is known for her infamous long blonde hair and bright green eyes. She should be played as she is portrayed. Casting another person that has a race completely different than Repunzel is genuinely ridiculous. It’s not inclusivity if you’re changing characters ethnicity/race completely.

    1. Kungaloosh

      Rapunzel’s nationality has no influence on her story, so it doesn’t matter if they keep her German or make her Persian, Lithuanian or Puerto Rican, just as the Wizard of Oz story doesn’t need Dorothy to be from Kansas for that story to work.

  3. Disney

    Maybe people are upset by the blatant racism?

  4. Alex

    Can’t call people racist for wanting the live action actress to look the the one from the source material…

  5. Damian

    Most fans are not being racist (ik some probably are), they are just tired of these forced ungenuine representations. By proposing to make an Indian Rapunzel, you are misrepresenting German people and a classic story.
    Bad story

    1. Kungaloosh

      I’d have a problem with it if the filmmakers were making a biography about a real person or historical figure, but since we’re dealing with fictional characters in this case, all bets are off, regardless of the story’s country of origin.

  6. Fred

    It isn’t a “vocal minority” when every one of Disney’s latest movies has flopped miserably. Iger getting mad at the fans and telling them to like whatever they put out, or else isn’t gonna work either.
    Hopefully they figure it out soon before the mouse is completely done.

  7. John

    Bigots getting upset about casting choices is literally the only enjoyable thing about these soulless cash grab live action remakes. Cast someone with dreads lol

    1. RickTR

      You wouldn’t go see it anyway, just like all of you liberals who scream for diversity and then don’t support it when it happens.

      1. Wokey Dwarf

        How do you know he’s liberal? Because only a liberal would recognize racism in others and call out who the bigots are? I guess that makes sense.

      2. Dodger

        How do you know John is liberal? Is it because liberals are more likely to call out bigotry and racism due to their diversity-loving antics? If so, then thanks, I resemble that remark. As for supporting diversity, there are other ways to do that besides going to a movie theater. I’d rather stream from home, whether it’s through a subscription or paying a rental fee.

      3. Dodger

        What makes you so sure John is liberal?

  8. Hiworld

    Not too sure why Mandy Moore can’t do it, since she WAS Repunzel in Tangled. Maybe she’s “too old” to be considered, idk? I think it can still work.

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