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Hollywood actor Johnny Depp on the left and 'Nightmare before Christmas' (1993) on the right

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  1. Tasha

    If this is ture awesome. If it’s not true not funny.

    1. Sharon

      April fools

  2. joe_schmoe

    thanks for reminding me what day it is

  3. Tomtom

    That’s dirty!!! I’ve been waiting YEARS for Bone Daddy and Ragdoll to come to life..

    1. Alayna

      It never will happen. Tim Burton owns the movie, not Disney. Burton himself has said that there will never be a remake or sequel to the movie.

  4. Pam

    Grr, I was excited when I read the article. Wished it was true.

  5. Temperance

    Disney is trying to find out how badly Johnny’s fans want to see him in any movie…..I knew it was bs after the way they treated Johnny why would he agree to do another Disney movie??

    1. Mickey

      Would love to see Johnny Depp play play Jack in a live-acton of “Nightmare Before Christmas”.💕 But this is probably an April Fool’s Joke. 👿

      1. Michel

        This actually wasn’t funny and how rumors start. Bravo for making more drama 🙄

        1. Lauren

          It’s April Fools day! Lighten up a bit

        2. ZomBunny

          Well I’m reading this on April 2nd and I am NOT amused. I’m sad now. 🙁

          1. Zoey

            The article was written on the 1st. Are you always this clueless on just on the internet 🙄

    2. A

      It’s an April fools joke. At the very end…it states have a happy April fools day. 🤬

    3. Hollie

      He’s already agreed to do another PotC. They’re paying him more than they normally would. All he cares about rn is clearing his debt

  6. Meagan

    I’m pretty sure Tim Burton already said he wasn’t going to make a live action NBC movie

  7. A. D.

    I really can’t tell if this is real or fake?

    1. Erin

      It’s an April Fools Joke.

  8. This is a film I would watch. Someone make it!

    1. DebF

      I am so not a JD fan, but that was a movie I’d have gone to in a heartbeat

      1. Foob

        What are you five?

  9. Jessica

    That’s MEAN!! I got SOOOOOO excited, considering it’s my FAVORITE movie AND my favorite actor!! I have epilepsy and I’m going to be PISSED if this SEVERE excitement now brings me a SEIZURE!

    1. Sade

      You know what you did.

      1. Crystal

        Don’t play with my feelings 😭 Tbh I would watch it!

  10. Donna

    Hahaha April Fool’s 😑

    1. Terri

      Damn…..you’re playing with my emotions. 😪

  11. P

    Awwwww that was just cruel 😂

  12. Paige

    I would cry happy tears if this happened. But if Johnny says no to doing a Disney movie again, then I respect that. It would be freakin amazing though!

  13. Mg

    Should ban Disney because of the way the have treated J D. For real!!

    1. Zachary

      This would have been a live action remake I would be excited for.

  14. Kim

    Ah damn, I fell for it!!! Here I am, HATED that movie, but was actually getting excited and willing to watch because of JD ❤️


    1. Debbie

      I am so not a JD fan, but that was a movie I’d have gone to in a heartbeat

  16. Kc

    That was kind of funny😁. Oh by the way keep your bad live action out of my beautiful classics. Thank you.

    1. SB

      Finally, someone with sense in these comments! I’m so sick of all these live action remakes that are never as good as the originals. NBC is perfect as is.

  17. Femme

    That’s some mess. Y’all quit playing

  18. Cameron McElroy

    I will be interested to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel on Disney+ at some point in the future!

  19. Mer

    Awww! April Fools?! 😅 But…? We are for Depp! So yeah! Look into it! The above rendition is OK? But needs more Depp than skeleton approach… But that would definitely be a Classic!!! 🤩😘💀

  20. Baron

    What an odd thing to waste your time on. Don’t think u have fooled one true JD fan and no one else reads this garbage. LOL

  21. I would love it Johnny Depp would be perfect. He is an amazing actor watch everything he is in

  22. Melissa

    This was just mean!!!

  23. Bonnie

    No matter how wonderful the star, the charm of Nightmare IS the animation and the creepy but lovable characters it allows the artists to create. So I was glad this was a joke. LEAVE THE MOVIE ALONE.

    1. Akuin

      Not gonna lie, saw a Sweeney Todd mixed with Beetlejuice for kids vibe when I read the Live action Nightmare, and while the plot would be crap more than likely, imagine the costumes and the visuals. It would be worth seeing honestly just for that live action Tim Burton asthetic.

  24. Julie

    I really hate this author right now. I should have known with it being a Disney film.

  25. Angel

    Hell ya it be be sold out nothing flat!!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  26. Brandie Shelton

    This should most definitely be done. Johnny is an extraordinary actor!!

  27. Kenneth

    As soon as you said the Disney live action remakes were made with care and love, I knew it was a joke article

  28. Krista Loudermilk

    Even tho it was an April fools joke, I think it would be a great idea. I’m not fond of some of the live action movies and lilo and stitch along with beauty and the beast are my absolute favorites. Beauty and the beast turned out pretty good and I’m really hoping they don’t mess up lilo and stitch.
    With nightmare before Christmas being such a popular collection I think it would be a great idea to make live

  29. ROGER

    If Johnnys in it, I might watch it. I do not really like NBC, but I respect Johnny and all he has been going through with Disney.

  30. ROGER


  31. Claudia

    Not funny!! I need this, it would be fabulous.

  32. RagdollMama

    NOT FUNNY ITM!!!! I was so happy until I realized what day this was written and if it were real, every news organization would have it splashed on their front page!!! Would love to see JD in anything!!!

  33. Heather

    That was a really, really grimey April fool’s joke.. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.. I’ve even gone as Sally for Halloween. This was a mean joke..

  34. Frankie

    Heartbroken – wanted this to be true

  35. Melissa

    My emotions just went on a rollercoaster lol

  36. Michelle

    NOT cool man. A LOT of us are already upset that Disney blackballed Johnny WAY before he was found innocent in all of Amber Heards lies. They didn’t even question it, which I personally feel is false judgement.
    Now you pull this really bad April fools joke??? Well, it’s NOT FUNNY at ALL!!
    Once again, BAD FORM Disney.
    I’m sure MANY aren’t happy with you once again using this Beautiful Souls name in what I consider another poke one at him, and now purposley doing the same to Disney fans too.😡

  37. Stephanie

    This would have been a live-action Disney movie I would have loved to see!! JD would have been great as the Pumpkin King. And then to have Burton involved again…awesome. Shame it’s a joke.☹️

  38. Hey y’all better cut those april fools shit out cause I want to see a real live-action adaptation of The Nightmare Before Christmas I want Johnny Depp. I want Eva Green.

  39. Steven

    I know this was a joke but this is too cruel.
    Tim Burton please make this happen with Depp as JACK SKELETON!! Disney needs to make up for Royally screwing Johnny with Pirates.

  40. Brittany

    I’m so glad this is a joke. Burton has said countless times he won’t touch this or even make a sequel because it would ruin it. But thanks for making my heart race.

  41. Christina Salazar

    I knew better than to get excited about this announcement. Now they have to make it come true. Turn a joke into something real.

  42. A

    It’s an April fools joke. At the very end…it states have a happy April fools day. 🤬

  43. Krystal

    Seriously not funny. Ive been waiting for this for forever. Thats just mean not funny

  44. Joe

    NOT funny see this is why NO ONE should trust the press see how they lie and spread rumors. Thank you for showing us exactly who the media is!!!!
    Also F you

    1. AaronJ001

      It’s just an april fool’s joke. Calm down lol

  45. Jake

    That’s awesome he is perfect choice for this role it’s gonna be tubular 🙂

  46. NotAmused

    Honestly, this makes me so mad! Me and my 15-year-old daughter were giddy with excitement! I’m genuinely super upset now. I love the movie, and Johnny Depp was going to play would love it even more if I could watch it while supporting JD. I thought jokes are supposed to be funny you’ll need to get some new riders if you’re hoping to have made anybody laugh. 🍆 move bro… MAJOR 🍆 move

  47. THE AMMOUT OF DISRESPECT!!!! I’m sitting here screaming cuz I’m happy… I feel like this should be illegal, not only is this causing drama for Johnny Depp, but also causing drama to the king himself Tim Burton… they both have millions of fans and you just peed in their Cheerios… THIS IS NOT FUNNY

  48. Amanda

    Worst April fools ever!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tami Roman


  50. Patricia

    Second article riding on Johnny Depp’s coat tails. I didn’t bother reading this one, just went straight to the bottom of the April Fool’s day end. How pathetic. Write an article with substance and truth, not this BS. Use your own clout if you have any to have the public read your work.

  51. D

    Not funny . Got my hopes up. Would love to see this actually happen .

  52. El

    “Yesssssss I’ve been waiting forever!!! Wait- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? April 1?!? Ughhhh” Those were my exact words seeing this post…

  53. Sean

    The only good idea Disney has had this decade and it’s an April fool’s joke?

    1. Andrea

      That’s the truth

      1. AaronJ001

        It’s really not

  54. faackanders2

    And I was looking forward to it too! Although I would have preferred the original Jack voice and singing.

  55. Shykay

    No!!! Please tell me it is an April fool joke!! It is a classic!!! You don’t mess with a classic!!!

  56. ARNOT77

    Just get it done eh !!!!!

  57. Jolene

    It’s gonna happen, we all know it is going to happen… Just do it already instead of making it an April fools…

  58. Tree Lover

    I knew something wasn’t right. Disney banned JD which was the stupidest thing ever. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the shit outta JD! So who is the idiots who showed their ignorance? It wasn’t Disney.

  59. Mrs MichelleWestwood

    Omg the fools on them because I know the work of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp they are brilliant and no one Dare criticise them with out consulting us fans we are the power not them what we say goes am I not right ?🫵👮‍♂️

  60. ens

    Why is everyone getting mad 🤣 It’s just a joke. And I’m SO glad it’s one. Please stop making useless remakes.

  61. im want to be surprize by johnny depp as jack sparrow and im take over chris pratts role as mario its gonna be fun for me to do that

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