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The Walt Disney World Railroad boarding station near the entrance of Magic Kingdom on Main Street, U.S.A., during a cloudy day with guests and security cast members.

Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic


  1. Paddie O'Furniture

    This is great news. Without the significant influx of visitors from Kalamazoo, this company will finally see the financial impact of its dirty deeds. Go woke, go broke!

    1. Chris


    2. Nia

      Nothing is wrong with woke

  2. Mike

    Disney like going to the local fair you pay a entrance fee and everything else is! But as long as people pay the trend will continue, take a look around there’s a lot of surf to do cheaper and less stressful than Dis..get value for your hard earn cash!

    1. Paddie O'Furniture

      Exactly! Disney should get back to the way it was originally when Disneyland opened, where you pay entrance and then pay for tickets to each ride. That’s the way Walt intended it.

  3. With economy and inflation Bob Iger’s greediness will come and bite him in the butt! Families will not be able to afford a Disney vacation! Florida Resident’s rates are nothing grand to talk about either. Disney doesn’t even offer Senior Discounts like Dollywood Does. I can see why TN and Dollywood’s parks are becoming a number 1 destination for families. Saving lots more money. Biob Iger need to put deals together. Total greedy BS

  4. Tom


  5. Chris

    In complete agreement with Patrice, Mike and Paddie. I will never take another Disney family vacation

  6. Richard

    Disney pass prices have gotten way our of hand. I grew up in Orlando back in the days of the ticket books. I don’t think Walt Disney never envisioned for his dream to turn into what a money hungry enterprise.

  7. Corey

    I’ve never been to either Disney resorts. The way people sound, I’ll have to take out a second and third mortgage.

  8. Cecil Grisham

    This needs to happen to every woke company. 98% of America don’t want anything to do with it. And that’s the people with money. Don’t spend your money at disney world or disneyland or anything having to do with disney.

    1. Nia

      I will spend my Money at both , nothing is wrong with woke.

  9. Joe

    Say it’s not so! Avelo AND Lynx? I think I may be experiencing that vapers! This will surely crush the Walt Disney Corporation immediately.

    1. Paddie O'Furniture

      Yes! And I’m so glad!

  10. Buddy

    Walts Dream has been destroyed. We use to go there every years many years ago.
    The kids and grandkids have no desire to ever go again.

  11. John

    People will never stop visiting Disney no matter the price.

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