Disney Park Discontinues Mickey Mouse Presence, Entrance Stripped from All Guests

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Disneyland Paris crowds

Credit: Almay

Disney just got a whole lot less magical for the next year, with one sweeping change that has demolished the front half of the park.

When you arrive to Walt Disney World Resort, the build up to getting to the Magic Kingdom is high. First, you arrive at the Ticket and Transportation Center where excitement is high. You are already being greeted by cast members, merchandise carts are available, and the magic is within reach. You then have the choice to either take a ferry or the iconic monorail to the theme park, which will be your second mode of transportation if you also take the tram from the parking lot.

Mickey Mouse greets visitors at Disneyland with the iconic Planet Hollywood in the background on a sunny day, surrounded by guests enjoying the park.
Credit: Edited by Inside the Magic

Once you arrive, you are greeted with Mickey Mouse scanners and dozens of cast members ready to scan your MagicBand, Annual Pass, or ticket along with your finger to let you in. Then, the infamous Walt Disney World Railroad sits in front of you, once again teasing you into the idea of the theme park before you get to enter the archways, which read, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” This is a quote from Walt Disney in his speech at Disneyland’s opening today. The plaque is located on both sides of the bridge as you enter Main Street, U.S.A.

Once you are on Main Street, U.S.A., your senses fill. The smell of popcorn, churros, and the bakery flood your nose, the sight of Cinderella Castle takes over your eyes, the sounds of the Main Street, U.S.A. area music joins your ears, along with the chatter of thousands, and with all the kinetic energy, you feel as if you truly have entered a new space.

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Disney has always ensured that walking into any of their parks will give guests a sense of transportation, magic, and wonder, as that entrance sets the tone of the day, and the theme of the park, making it one of the most important moments for any guest. That is why it is so sad to see Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be renamed Disney Adventure Park) in the shape that it is now.

Disneyland Paris reporters shared the new “entrance” that the theme park has now that Studio 1 is closed.

🔧 On the Front Lot side of the Studio 1 by-pass, the backstage gate has been completely removed, and the pillars fixed up.
Wild to think this is going to be the park entrance for a year.

While this is not a permanent entrance, it is shocking to see the lack of magic that this grand moment has removed, especially since all guests for the next year will be experiencing this backstage path that is not even intended for guests. Months ago, Walt Disney Studios Park had to remove the Walt Disney statue from its place at the front of the park to a new location, and even that felt like a piece of magic torn from the entrance.

Now, without Studio 1, things are looking more like a sound stage than a theme park themed to one. 

Studio 1 was a sound stage entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park, and it was fun due to its indoor nature. When you walked in, it felt like you were traveling through multiple film sets and then shot out onto a larger studio lot with larger than life theming. In that section also lived quick service dining and merchandise locations (Restaurant en Coulisse, Legends of Hollywood, and Hollywood Jewel Box) will also close, creating a food supply issue.

Funny enough, this removal of Mickey Mouse and all of the theming is quite similar to what happened to the company’s mascot earlier this year, as Mickey Mouse entered the public domain in 2024 in his original Steamboat Willie appearance. Now, it seems that the company is pivoting to other characters like Stitch, in which they truly own, to reign as the new mascot. 

Entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park with Tower of Terror in the background
Credit: My Frozen Life via Flickr

In 2018, CEO Bob Iger unveiled a €2 billion investment plan for Disneyland Paris, leading to ongoing expansion efforts in the Studios park in subsequent years. We also reported that with that investment will come a new Star Wars rollercoaster themed to The Mandalorian in a Star Wars land in Disneyland Paris, alongside a possible Avatar expansion and The Lion King expansion.

Disney has already alerted guests who want an economical meal to leave the park for food, as there will not be many quick service locations in operation. There will be breakfast served at Stark Factory in an attempt to create more dining.

These changes come on the heels of another massive renovation in the park with World of Frozen (following the World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland and the upcoming Frozen Kingdom at Tokyo Disney Resort’s Fantasy Springs, which opens this June at Tokyo DisneySea.) being built, along with a Tangled attraction. The promised Star Wars expansion has not begun, nor has theme park president Natacha Rafalski or Disney CEO Bob Iger brought it up in the recent future.

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance
Credit: Disney

All of these changes tie together with Disney Adventure World replacing Walt Disney Studios, marking a significant shift in the park’s identity. This change reflects the ongoing efforts to redefine the park’s essence, a process the entertainment giant has pursued for several years. Initiatives such as the park expansion introduced by Bob Iger in 2018 at the Élysée Palace, alongside President Macron, which introduced attractions like Avengers Campus in 2022, exemplify Disney’s commitment to transforming the park. Additionally, restructuring the studio entrance to accommodate the World of Pixar zone demonstrates Disney’s dedication to reshaping the overall park experience.

“Embracing a transformation that involves the overhaul of more than 90% of Walt Disney Studios Park since its debut in 2002, we’re unveiling a fresh creative vision that has completely redefined our second gate,” Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris shared. “It’s set to offer unique adventures in immersive worlds, serving as a perfect complement to Disneyland Park.”

This summer, a new Alice in Wonderland-themed BMX show called “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” will take place in the newly renamed Theatre of the Stars.

Capacity at the theme park has also been a major issue, with guests being asked not to enter even after purchasing a ticket, along with other changes like the removal of paper maps and receipts due to laws implemented by the France government.

What do you think of this new entrance at Walt Disney Studio Park?

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