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Three screenshots from a TikTok of a woman meeting multiple Universal characters. She is pictured with Gru here.

Credit: @willuigi via TikTok


  1. Walt

    I don’t know to me it kinda looks like cry is moving the zipper medallion off the guests hand and not so much “caressing”her hand!

  2. Christine

    At least she wasn’t a victim of Tigger rubbing up against her 😳

  3. Ed

    Get over yourself! It was an innocuous move. There’s something wrong with people like this. They should need a doctor’s note to interact with the public.

  4. Mike

    Definitely was caressed by Thing one and Thing two… Thing one then made the phone gesture as they walked away

  5. Fanny

    Seriously 😣😣😣😳😳 this girl is the reason they got to cancel tick tock

  6. Kungaloosh

    Sorry, but this story just isn’t despicable enough.

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