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Comments for New ‘Princess and the Frog’ Characters Revealed

The new animals of Tiana's Bayou Adventure enjoying themselves, Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana standing in front of Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney, Edited by Inside the Magic


  1. Steamboat Willie

    They look nice.

  2. Phil

    Another classic ruined. Mr. Disney must be spinning in his grave!!!

    1. Steamboat Willie

      Walt can’t spin in his grave, he was cremated.

  3. M

    So @Disney wasted millions to ruin the most popular ride Splash Mountain to pandered to woke to get rid of singing critters only to replace them with singing critters?

  4. Wesley Gibson

    Oooh how lovely they aren’t white!

    1. Steamboat Willie

      They’re F%$!#ing animals.

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