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Littlefoot shocked in 'The Land Before Time'

Credit: Universal Studios / Amblin Entertainment


  1. Chris

    This would be Land Before Time 15, not 2, there have literally been 14 Land Before Time Films, come on, do some research before reporting things.

  2. Alison

    Spike is not an Ankylosaurus. He is a Stegosaurus.

  3. Kodi

    This is one group of movies that don’t need the live action treatment something’s should just be left alone!

  4. Chris Smalls

    No more Live Action Remakes ever! And as long as they bring Don Bluth back as the director, I don’t mind another sequel!

  5. Rae

    I would go to the theater to see it more then once as well as buy it on DVD and iTunes throw merch in and I’ll buy it all..as like most The Land Before Time is a really big part of my childhood and I’d absolutely love a “reboot” of the original live action or whatever

  6. Gian

    Why not continue the series, just go little darker and less songs. Use the tv show of land before time based. The tv show was very well they had sharptooth that was named Red Claw the biggest and aggressive of them all. He definitely the strongest as main villain as film this time it will be greater villan. we never learn why it cause separation of chomper and his parents and Ruby going to great valley to be safe as its pothat chomper parents are the reason of the scar of redclaw giving him the name. As he wanted revenge on Parents of Chomper by killing their son as revenge.

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