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JK Rowling's Closeup on the right (ABC Credit) and 'Harry Potter' Poster on the left

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  1. Chris

    People don’t actually pay attention to her full quotes and simply pull a small part out.

    I hope she sues the pants off these people and bankrupts them and send a message that making up lies won’t work.

    1. Dcto

      ABSOLUTELY TRUE, as the teacher Warren Smith student rebuttal demonstrated, she’s been falsely accused of transphobia & now antisemitic holocaust denial (since they couldn’t hang her on the 1st charge) all by selectively editing her words. But it actually could have begun years ago, when strangers falsely appropriated Quidditch (which doesn’t actually exist), her work for fanfic & then barred her from HP sites. On the upside it has TOTALLY made me a fan & also discover how FUNNY she is. Whereas Jonathan Willoughby has NO credibility & that’s based on his arguments with feminist YEARS b4 JK said a thing, he just targets her for fame, like a barnacle.

      1. Ozzy

        She’s a bigot and that is undeniable. Recently she engaged in Holocaust denial rather than admit that the minority she virulently hates for no sane reason was targeted by the Nazis and that is just the latest episode of her deranged madness.

        When Hitler rose to power as German chancellor in 1933, he enacted policies to rid the country of Lebensunwertes Leben, or “lives unworthy of living.” His targets included Jews, Roma people, disabled people and communists—but also specifically homosexuals and transsexuals.

        While many are familiar with haunting images of the first book burnings in Germany, which took place in May of 1933, most aren’t fully aware of their origin story.

        The books and texts that provided the fuel for that first bonfire came from the library of the Institute for Sexual Research, founded in 1919 by Magnus Hirschfeld, a gay, Jewish doctor. As Scientific American notes, the Institute was “full of life everywhere” and provided incredible and groundbreaking gender affirmation care to trans individuals. Its mission was to provide a center for “research, teaching, healing and refuge” that could “free the individual from physical ailments, psychological afflictions and social deprivation.”

        In other words, the first book burning in Germany, which led to copycat bonfires around the country, was an attack on a trans care institution. There are echoes of this today: The far-right has specifically chosen to target trans care centers in America, including repeated bomb threats to Boston Children’s Hospital, for providing gender affirming medical care.

    2. Mike

      I personally do not pay attention to the media due to the selective editing, especially if they say the quotee is in the wrong.

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