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Credit: DLP Guide


  1. David

    ENGULFED?? You should stop writing these clearly overhyped stories. You continue to exaggerate flamboyantly and shamelessly.

    1. Jade VR

      Yeah, these guys are famous for stretching the truth. Their YouTube channel isn’t much better, either. They should stick to satire sites.

    2. Elle

      this is definitely an anti Disney website, causing chaos with their slanted hype

  2. Still heartbreaking. Glad no one was hurt, but changes seem logical here.

    1. Jade VR

      This wasn’t some “engulfed in flames” story. The photo used is of the pyrotechnics used in their fireworks show. The only damage is from the flames to a castle spire, and that’s just from general show effects, nothing more. There was no lives at risk to save from being hurt.

  3. Paige

    I don’t think detrimental is the word you meant to use here…

    1. Tina

      My thoughts exactly!

    2. Anjii

      I came here to say this too!

  4. Emma

    As a Disney fan, this post was in really poor taste. There is already enough false media and as a forum made for updating Disney fans, giving us false media should be the last thing you want to do. I won’t be viewing anymore from this website.

  5. Esther

    I know this site is infamous for exaggeration, but seriously???? You show a picture of a flaming castle when the only thing that happened was some worn out paint. That’s excessive exaggeration even for this site

  6. MJ

    Detrimental means to cause harm or damage. I don’t think you meant to say that the castles cause harm or damage to the Disney parks, did you?
    I don’t think I’d even classify the fire itself as having been detrimental.

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