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Comments for Disney World Tells Women to “Get Back in the Kitchen”

A woman looks at a kitchen sink ice cream sundae in front of Disney's Hollywood Studios at Disney World.

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. L Huenink

    People need to get a life and stop reading into things that are not there!

    1. Phillip


  2. Larry E. Brooks

    I think some people just look for or make up reasons to offend or be offended.

  3. Deana

    People need to stop being offended by every little thing! You can buy the same thing in Mickey form for years! So they made one for Minnie, who cares! Donald hasn’t worn pants for years, does he have dementia, wow we should talk about that🙄Come on people it’s for the kids, they don’t think anything of it.

  4. Phillip

    Don’t some men use “waist bags”? Why worry about who’s carrying what , unless it could injure someone.

  5. Beth

    It’s sad that this is “an issue” for some people when we have real womens’ problems in the world. I think it’s cute and Mickey has a version of the kitchen sink so now Minnie does too.

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