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Patricia next to a Christmas tree in her updated clothing.

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  1. M Lopez

    I find that if we as a country have to bristle every single time someone mentions (or in this case doesn’t) an aspect of history that is questionable, and fixates (and don’t get triggered by it….history can’t change itself and therefore to always “go there” IS a fixation) on those things we’ve learned are not who we ARE nor want to be, those who fixate….aren’t helping.

    Slavery and all the behaviors that lingered afterwards were WRONG. Always fixating on SOLELY those things will eventually out itself as effectively bludgeoning those in the future for things they have no control over.

    We say Never Forget, Never Again, in reference to the Holocaust, that’s because real systemic racism is going on in reference to Jews. An AMBASSADOR can’t wear a HAT because it’ll offend Saudi representatives? And no one says anything, but we go back to what an actor did over 100 years ago who no one today would in their right mind would support? Really? Ever see Tropic Thunder? And yet RDJ just won an Oscar.

    Folks….we need to get a grip, and stop tearing down things that are already torn down and get over ourselves.

  2. DJT luvsputin

    If the attraction is supposed to represent the reality of the past, why would you want to change it. Maybe update a scene where it can show what is different today from the earlier scenes. I know they tried but not a great job of it. Quit trying to erase the past or you will surely repeat it…

    1. PaulT


    2. K

      The last scene is supposed to be the present day.

  3. Dis fan

    People need to get a life and stop whining about stuff, boo hoo

    1. PaulT

      Right! There are bigger problems to be worried about!

  4. Abby

    The two vultures from at the end of Splash Mountain before the big drop. Before dad and I would start up that last big drop he would start laughing hysterically. I asked him once if he ever realized that he was doing that and he said no. I guess that it was maybe the nervousness, or the adrenaline and anticipation of that last drop. 2003 was the last time we rode our favorite ride before he passed away so if I could ever afford something like that then I would love to have them to remember my dad and our beloved Splash Mountain.

  5. PaulT

    I would love to have the robot butler from Horizons at EPCOT, or really, anything from Horizons!!! 😎

  6. I would like to have the very large brontosaurus from Dinoland. I have room to put it on my property!!

  7. Ruth

    ANYTHING from Horizons!

  8. Nancy

    Figment. Figment. Figment from EPCOT.

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