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John animatronic not moving on the Carousel of Progress.

Credit: @kaylaandmarkalan via TikTok


  1. walt

    Yes Fascists must destroy history and remake it to their liking. It is no surprise Jesse would be the one making a big stink about this. Fascist and communist revolutions did the same thing destroying works of art and remaking them to their liking – they just did it more quickly – this destruction is a slow burn. History is what it is – and when you take out the objectionable ( for some minority of the self appointed self righteous) the danger is that you forget the gross parts as well as the good. For anyone that thinks Western culture is so abhorrent – go live under Chinese, Russian, North Korean, or Iranian oppression and dictatorship – and then we’ll talk.

    1. Mike C

      Your TYPICAL idiot complaining about something so small, it’s not even seen. But complaining about something so ridiculous!!!

    2. CJA

      All authoritarians either want to rewrite history or elevate it to mythological heights – whatever works.

  2. jodie

    I find cinderfella offensive. But maybe that is just me.

  3. CJA

    Although the blackface in ‘The Jazz Singer’ is offensive, remember what this ride was celebrating. The reason the film is mentioned in the Carousel of Progress is because it was also the first movie with sound and spoken dialog – very progressive at the time.

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