Twin Sisters Violently Brawl Over TV in Disney World, One Arrested

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Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation

Credit: Disney

A new report details the arrest of a woman at the Walt Disney World Resort.

A Finding Nemo family suite at Art of Animation
Credit: Disney

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According to a recently released report, a woman was arrested while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort last year after brawling with her twin sister in their hotel room. The incident took place around Christmas at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, one of the many hotel options at the Walt Disney World Resort for guests to stay at.

The two sisters were allegedly fighting over the TV when the argument turned violent. Stephanni Cassidy, one of the twins, was questioned and claimed that the fight began around 10:30 p.m. due to her leaving the TV on.

The 56-year-old woman said her sister was trying to sleep and yanked the power cord from the wall socket. The other sister, who is unnamed in the report, reportedly punched Stephanni, knocking her to the ground. Stephanni claimed she hit her head on the TV cabinet.

Stephanni quickly got up and went into the bathroom to call 911. Stephanni showed her injuries to first responders, revealing that the left side of her jaw was swollen and that she had scratches on her neck and wrist. However, authorities also interviewed the other sister, who also had scratches.

Family Suite at Disney's Art of Animation
Credit: Disney

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The unnamed sister’s version of the incident starts after Stephanni drops a metal water bottle on her toe, apparently on purpose. Stephanni then began yelling, so her sister tried to go to sleep with the help of some white noise. This allegedly made Stephanni angrier, causing her to raise the volume of the TV.

This led to a verbal argument, eventually resulting in things getting physical between the two. The unnamed sister claims Stephanni attacked her, causing her to fall back onto the bed. The bed in the room had been moved, making the second story more plausible.

The sheriff’s office believed the second sister and eventually arrested Stephanni. The arrested sister pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge in January and was ordered not to communicate with her twin. This report comes after several other Walt Disney World guests have been arrested, either for physical altercations such as this one or other, more bizarre incidents.

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