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  1. Josh

    Last.time an Orlando.park made a ride more “accomodating for “larger guests” someine died

    1. Phillysub

      The rides are built with safety concerns, therefore, they cannot accommodate everybody. And everybody are not entitled to ride every ride. At least he was fortunate to enjoy some of the rides.

  2. adam

    it’s 100% safety related. the last time a seat restraint was adjusted to accommodate a guests size, it had deadly consequences. manufacturers and ride designers take a lot into consideration when coming up with passenger carry devices. (ride vehicles, seats and restraints). increasing the size of these could result in the ride not functioning as designed. coaster trains become heavier, ride gondolas becoming too off balance, boats not floating at a safe level above the bottom of the trough, etc…rides are designed to accommodate the average person because that’s what the physics of the ride allow. that unfortunately results in certain physical attributes not being able to allow for a safe ride.

  3. Lee Balzli

    Last time I went to the magic Kingdom park it’s a small world pirate of the Caribbean haunted mansion a Disney employee had to help my mom out of the ride vehicle because she had a hard time getting out of it due to the size of the ride vehicle the first time that had happened at the magic Kingdom

  4. JL

    The boats of It’s a small world and pirates of the Caribbean have been the same size since the beginning. They the seats have no dividers in them. Haunted Mansion the cars have been the same since the beginning as well. I would believe the problem was getting out of the boats because people have to climb up to get out of them. That’s still not the fault of the Theme Park for Them. As for Haunted Mansion is someone is heavy set then they need to ride with just one other person or none. I am not too wide but I would be in tight quarters on Haunted Mansion Ride if We tried to put 3 in car many times I go to the parks on my own so I have no problems.

  5. Matthew S

    I’m 6’8″ and 250lbs, and I can ride nearly every ride at universal, including every ride they mentioned. They are a few, like JP River, Kong, and F&F where it’s a tight squeeze due to my legs, but they’re usually accommodating and put me in a row with less people so I can “man spread.”
    His issue wasn’t height related, but girth related.

  6. Momof2

    I completely understand that we form different in our walks of life. However this January 2024 I had to get off a harry potter ride due to my thighs. I’m not a large person I’m just a black woman with curves and some rides don’t agree with my thighs. After waiting an hour in line I cried and my daughter cried bc she felt bad for me. It really hurt bc not everyone fits that mold. I understand safety but I was still sad.

  7. Phillip

    Why isn’t this posted OUTSIDE of the ENTRANCE GATE so people don’t waste their time and money!!!!

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