New Filming “Law” Leaves Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ at Risk

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Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

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If you were excited to see Wednesday season 2, it seems that things may take a little longer to get up and off the ground when it comes to shooting days, and with a longer shooting schedule comes more challenges and a lengthier release date.

Jenna Ortega glowering in Wednesday
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A new model proposing shorter hours in the U.K. screen industry is garnering industry support, according to Variety.

Bectu Vision, a Scottish screen skills training organization associated with the crew union Bectu, partnered with flexible-working specialists Timewise to conduct a thorough study on the financial impacts of shorter working days in scripted drama production. The study, supported by BBC and Screen Scotland, has been completed and has found that most respondents, which included producers, writers, actors and crew, believe the long hours in production are “unsustainable” and causing many skilled workers to leave the industry, contributing to the crew shortage.

Now, it looks like shorter hours is something that is being fought for in the U.K. The study is looking to change working hours from 10-hour days to 8-hour days, with a financial implication of 4% higher.

Enid (Emma Myer) and Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) standing in a doorway
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Variety continued, “Bectu Vision and Timewise are now recommending a trial production with shorter days to test their theory. Timewise has previously brought in similar initiatives in a range of industries previously thought to be incapable of flexibility, including teaching, construction and nursing.”

Timewise co-founder Emma Stewart said, “We have to face facts: current working patterns mean we slam the door in the face of inclusion. You instantly lose people with family commitments, caring duties, and the need to balance anything else in life. The irony? Our dynamic creative sector thrives on diversity and the art of the possible. We are the experts at imagination and making dreams come true. It will cost a production just 4% more, to create a better work-life balance for staff. It is a price worth paying.”

Amy Shaw, co-manager of Bectu Vision, added: “We’re really excited to be able to present evidence based on production and crew insights to help find solutions to the long working hours problem that has plagued the industry for so long. This work will be critical to moving the industry forward in how it approaches the issue and in creating a healthier, happier and more sustainable working environment for all film and TV freelancers.”

Wednesday is one of Netflix’s most popular shows to date, with season one blowing the roof off of Netflix’s watch time chart, beating out Stranger Things 4. Audiences have come to love Jenna Ortega, as older generations are watching The Addams Family spinoff with nostalgia on the mind, while Ortega is pulling in a much younger, Generation Z audience from her virality on TikTok. Overall, the Tim Burton show has found the path for success. 

Credit: Netflix

With Stranger Things coming to a close, and Wednesday holding such a similar feel with a young cast dealing with some dark entities, Netflix’s CEO Ted Sarandos has spoken out on how he is placing a high priority on the show. At the moment, Wednesday is set to film in Ireland in April, which may leave the show affected by this new protocol.

Netflix dropped its 2024 sizzle reel recently, and Wednesday was not in it, which made sense as the show has yet to begin filming its second season, but shorter production dates will likely mean a longer shooting schedule, which could push back the release of season 2. At the moment, many would expect to see season 2 debut in 2025. However, no official announcements have been made.

We do know that Jenna Ortega will be a producer now and that she plans to ensure every episode feels like a movie, giving the audiences many moments to cling to with excellent storytelling. We also know that the next season will be a lot darker in nature, and the concept of Ortega’s love story is going out the window.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday with trees in the background
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We saw Jenna’s character Wednesday begin to dive into a relationship, but in the end, that left her blind to the evil that lived within Tyler Galpin, the hyde. We did see Wednesday and Xavier Thorpe share a romantic moment that seemed to have been brewing all season in the final episode as the two exchanged numbers, but now, actor Percy Hynes White is said to be written out of the show, removing his love potential as well.

We are expecting to see another classic character from The Addams Family join the cast, but at the moment, we do not know exactly who that will be.

Wednesday emerges as a spinoff from the immensely popular The Addams Family, shifting the focus to 16-year-old Wednesday Addams. Known for her pale complexion, black braids, and psychic abilities, Wednesday finds herself expelled from high school after standing up to bullies targeting her brother Pugsley. In response, Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams decide to enrol her in Nevermore, a school designed for individuals with supernatural inclinations.

Credit: Netflix

Led by the creative duo Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the series stars Jenna Ortega (Scream) in the lead role, supported by an exceptional cast including Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, Georgie Farmer, Naomi J. Ogawa, Christina Ricci, and Moosa Mostafa.

Are you excited to see Wednesday season 2 on Netflix?

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