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Mary Poppins with a sooty face

Credit: Disney


  1. Walt

    Um its SOOT because they were in chimney’s – you know those coal burning furnaces that the British used to heat their homes and do cooking at the turn of the century? I am surprised they didn’t censor the movie BECAUSE they used coal which as every good mentally deficient woke person knows destroys the environment (not). Do these people sit around at night and dream up new ways to be offended? They truly are mental cases.

    1. Kungaloosh

      If you think soot was the problem, then you didn’t actually grasp the real reason behind the rating change. Sounds like you were more interested in manufacturing your own reasons to vent. Also, nothing was “censored.” The movie remains unchanged, with nothing removed. If this bothers you enough to comment, then it says more about you and your perpetual axe to grind.

      1. Marie

        Been reading your drivle on a number of threads. Stop trying to put things in that aren’t there. You’re nothing but a paid troll who..like hundreds of others…have been sent out into social media to cause disruption, chaos and trouble. Sick of all of you and your hateful attitudes.

  2. Steamboat Wokey

    They changed the rating in another country. Whoop de doo. Keyboard warriors will undoubtedly still find something to complain about, regardless.

  3. Anita Freeman

    I think this country is going too far. Their faces have soot from a chimney. Mary Poppins is a wonderful movie for all children and adults .

    1. Steamboat Wokey

      The soot on their faces was not the issue. The issue was the “admiral” calling them hottentots.

      1. Marie

        Which most people didn’t even know the meaning of….. Until the whiners woke brought it up and told everyone…..


        1. Kungaloosh

          I didn’t know the term either, which is why I’m glad this happened. I’d rather be a more informed person than someone who offends accidentally. Meanwhile, the anti-woke brigade seems to be the whiny contingent in this case, since no changes were made to the film and they’re still finding reasons to wring their hands and complain.

  4. Kenneth

    Being an 81 year old “codger” I recently found myself being chastised for referring to a friend of mine as an Oriental. So I asked my friend and several other Japanese with whom I was having dinner if they were offended by the term “Oriental”. He laughed and said, “But we are Oriental!” All agreed and the conversation went on to discuss other modern inventions of convention.

  5. K T

    Apparently someone doesn’t have enough to do! Please stop looking for things to upset others, Mary Poppins is a truly a lovely movie. Please look elsewhere for trouble.

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