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Dennis Nedry encounters the Dilophosaurus in 'Jurassic Park' 1993

Credit: Universal Pictures


  1. Adrien

    Hey. As a fan of jurassic park, I wanted to point out the fact that a Saber-tooth tiger was shown in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous within the final two seasons. In the final season of the same show, we see dodgson pick up the Barbasol can when a he meets one of the main characters and their parent there.

  2. R-Gii

    I wouldn’t call a game an official sequel honestly. For example, the Kung Fu Panda game, Po was already considered a full on Kung Fu Warrior by level 4 or something, in the movie he wasn’t accepted until near the end. Let’s face it, video game adaptations serve more as loose retellings rather than actual canon. I mean, of it’s canon, what happens when you die in the game?

  3. Michael Horn

    The can was found in Jurassic park the game (Xbox 360/PS3) and it was crushed by rexxy at the end of the game

  4. Gazza

    If you actually watched Jurassic World Dominion, you would realise the Barbasol can was in Dodgsons possession at the Biosyn Sanctuary in his office. He interacts with it and everything.

    So it definitely made it off the island. How? No idea. But maybe at least note that before writing something like this 😑

    1. Sarah

      It’s found in the last season of camp cretaceous

  5. Bry

    I hate when people call a game a sequel to a movie. Idk anyone who plays JP videogames, but everyone I know has at least heard of Jurassic Park. The only upcoming “sequel” will be JW4. I don’t have my hopes set high for that one, as they’re rushing to put it out. I’ll see any movie in that universe, though. I loved Dominion, unlike so many other people. I found it much better than Fallen Kingdom.

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