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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow looking inside a treasure chest in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise

Credit: Disney


  1. Anthony mackiewicz

    Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Carribean.
    No one could replace him.
    I for one, would not go see the film without him as the lead

  2. #nodeppnopirates
    If Johnny Depp isn’t playing the lead role as captain Jack Sparrow the movie will be a big flop and waste of money!

  3. Wendy

    Mr Johnny Depp, you are one of the best actors that they’ve gotten Hollywood if not the best and I’m just not blowing smoke. My whole family loves you movies and we have watched just about every one of them. And as for that mistake that you made and her making fake bruises and just acting so awful in court when rotten born was trying to grill you she was over there smirking and then when it comes down to her supposedly getting abused by you she put on that 🙁 real quick and I think the whole world saw and thought they knew what was going on she was lying. So I wish you all the success in the world I pray for you and your children and I pray that if you decide that you might start dating and marry somebody that you get you a southern woman and the reason why I say that is because southern women are the best. Go back to Kentucky or even Tennessee you know and don’t just go looking for it go spend some time in your home state or Tennessee East Tennessee is the prettiest you can go up there in in the Smoky mountains and rent a Cabin and go down there during the day. You know it just go take a vacation spend some time by yourself or with family or good friends and you might just run into a good Southern woman that you just fall in love with. I wish you all the best and God bless you and your children and your sister your whole family and your friends. Just get back to your Southern Roots and find yourself. God bless.

    TN Queen

  4. No Johnny no movie.
    He makes the movies
    as Captain Jack Sparrow. 💙

  5. Johnny deserves full credit for all the his Movies popularity. A fine & outstanding actor. No one else could ever replace him. Without Johnny…the movie is Worthless. A waste of time & money.

  6. Antoinette Castaneda

    WELL SAID ❤️🥰

  7. Well said! Who are we to judge his personal life. It has *nothing to do with the outstanding actor Johnny is. Move on Johnny be happy, there loss. You Are a wonderful man. Im so proud of you🏆God Bless You Always

  8. Ray

    I will not participate in a pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp

  9. Sean Robert Ramuno

    I own all of the “Pirates” movies. I love them because of Johnny Depp, so if you don’t have him as the star, I will not watch the movie ever! Don’t be the usual movie company and cut your nose off to spite your face! Wise up! Johnny Depp made that series!

  10. Jacqui

    JD is Cherokee and possibly has NA gene making him crave alcohol, drugs, cigs etc. Add to that he was in marriage for somebody wrong for him. He is known to be sensitive picking his roles for character over blockbuster star making. He’s a musician which could be put into script. If he was unreliable on last shoot he had a lot to deal with personally. He still finished film. Disney made billions on his likeness in merchandising besides movie attendance plus DVD sales. He deserves to reprise this role if only to finish storyline. Keira doesn’t want to come back. If JD does let him. We have signed Petitions to bring him back if 6th made. Add Margot Robbie too. You want money that’s your ticket. God Bless JD. I don’t know if this is what pushed him over edge in Hungary but he’s most of all human
    He was blamed for Viper Club death of RP. Zak Bagans investigated and it was horrible. No doubt JD hurt them too. Applaud him for his talent and ignore personal baloney.

  11. Jasmine

    Tbh I think that Pirates of The Caribbean isnt gonna make it at all even if they do the project cause its nit the same without Johnny Depp portraying as the main character

  12. No Johnny, No Movie, Without Depp.

  13. Brenda

    He’s the only one that can play Captain Jack Sparrow. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. It’s what they learn and conduct afterwards that is important

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