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Disney World IP expansion including 'Coco', 'Encanto', and Villains Land

Credit: Disney


  1. Laura

    Yes a villains land wooohooo

  2. Glenn

    Villain theme would be, magical. Definitely could see this as be my NEW favorite

  3. Stephanie

    I’ve been begging for an area dedicated to the Disney villains forever! An entire park would blow my mind!🤯 Yes, PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!😁

  4. jo028229

    What would make sense for Disney is to have a Villains’ park which featured rides that told their back stories and how and why they became villains. If they do this park, they need to include every villain and side kick and not leave out anyone. Some people actually enjoy the villains of the Herbie movies and live actions as much as they do the cartoons. So, it should be an all or nothing idea. They all have their place.

    1. Ruth L Bowers

      This would be ideal. However, I would love it if this park was more “adult” oriented, more thrill rides, slightly darker tones, but definitely immersive in its storytelling. Disney always beats Universal in its storytelling but is losing in its thrill rides and ability to attract older teens and thrill seekers. I say this as a 52 year old Disney adult who is usually at WDW at least 2-3 times a month.

  5. Zilma A Osle

    I totally agree. A villain themed park (including side kicks and back stories on how the villains became villains) is a great idea. I agree that it should be interactive/immersive and (to a certain extent) darker in the story telling. In real life not everything is peachy you know. So why should all Disney rides/shows/attractions be all happy ever after. Include some darkness and you’ll attract more young adults. Also, if you are to do roller coasters make them ones that everyone can go on. In other words, make ones that don’t go upside down at all. Another idea is use multiple technologies to create the rides. Like the technology that make the ride cars on the ride Dinosaur move, the technology that make the ride cars on Rocking Roller Coasters go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds, etc. That’ll be so cool!!!!

  6. JV

    Dark Disney is something I’ve loved for the last 40 years!!! It’s the yin&yang of life (light vs dark), and they need to have this be part of the parks finally. So many possibilities and can even add a new “mountain” to their collection called Bald Mountain attraction with a Chernabog tie in from classic Disney!

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