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Disney Adults in monochrome

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  1. Deb R

    It does need updating. But all the rides or animatronics need updating sooner or later. Personally, they need to work on fixing the rides/shows that made Disney World great, before adding new rides.

  2. Vera Mayhew

    I agree with updating the final scene and any other tech that is needed, but every time I go, I ride this attraction and can almost feel Walt in the background

    1. John

      It’s a great way to show everyone how things have changed over the years, and yea, the last scene or 2 nees to be kept up to date. But…

      If you want to goto an outdated attraction, goto the Tiki room. A lot of nostalgia there but the attraction itself is a once and done thing, as the raven said NEVERMORE.

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