Guests Can No Longer Propose at Disney

in Shanghai Disneyland

A man proposes in front of Cinderella's coach.


A disappointed guest spoke out online this week after a Disney theme park shot down his proposal plans. The unexpected response comes just months after Disneyland Paris Resort restricted guests from proposing at a popular photo spot.

The Happiest or Most Magical Places on Earth are among the most popular engagement spots worldwide. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort include proposals in marketing campaigns and even offer private Photopass photographer sessions. Betrothed guests can take it a step further with a luxurious Disney Weddings ceremony at a Disney Resort or theme park.

A man kneels to propose in front of a woman at Cinderella's Wishing Well at Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.
Credit: Disney Weddings

Unfortunately, guests hoping to propose at one international Disney park might want to devise other plans. Reddit user u/TheV_game contacted Shanghai Disney Resort Guest Services for more information about theme park photographers who could photograph their engagement. They received an unexpected response:

TIL Proposal is NOT permitted in Shanghai Disneyland. Just wondering if happening to Disneyland worldwide?

TIL Proposal is NOT permitted in Shanghai Disneyland. Just wondering if happening to Disneyland worldwide?
byu/TheV_game indisneyparks

“Dear Guest, Greetings from Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Center!” the cast member wrote. “We wish you good luck but please kindly note that proposal is not permitted in Shanghai Disneyland. Have a Magical Day!”

In a comment, the guest explained that they’d asked the Disney Resort about communicating correctly with photographers and “suggestions on how I could perhaps [do] it properly in your venue or hotel.”

Duffy and Friends topiaries at Shanghai Disneyland
Credit: Disney

“I was just trying to ask if I could get someone to snap a photo while I pop the question…,” the guest wrote. “I was certainly hoping [for] a more elaborative answer from them.”

Shanghai Disney Resort’s rules don’t mention marriage proposal, so this message is likely explained by a communication or translation error. Still, cast members can stop guests who disrupt others or engage in dangerous behavior, like in a viral video of a Disneyland Paris cast member rushing a happy couple from an off-limits stage.

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