Disney and Democrats Team Up Against DeSantis for Massive Event

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DeSantis looking shocked in front of Disney's Contemporary Resort

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seeing the Walt Disney Company and the Florida Democratic Party, two of his most prominent opponents, team up in what seems like a deliberate attempt to antagonize the far-right former presidential candidate.

Ron DeSantis with the Walt and Mickey statue at Disney World
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Although the Florida legislature is dominated by DeSantis’s fellow Republicans, he still faces firm opposition from the minority Democrat party in the state. It does not help the politician that his presidential campaign very recently and very publicly collapsed, forcing him to support Donald J. Trump, a political rival he had spent months insulting. And while the two-term governor may have ridden into office on high numbers, his near-constant battle against “woke” forces and spending months campaigning in another state have significantly decreased his approval ratings.

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In other words, Ron DeSantis is at a particularly vulnerable time in his career (and not helped by his multiple pending lawsuits). For the Democrat Party to announce it would hold its largest and most important fundraiser at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando feels like something of a slap in the face to DeSantis.

Disney's Contemporary Resort exterior
Credit: Disney

Leadership Blue, a weekend-long Democratic fundraising event, will be held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort from May 3 to 5, when the Walt Disney World Resort will also be full of Guests arriving for a special Star Wars celebration day.

Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Phillip Jerez issued a statement, saying, “Leadership Blue is the Florida Democratic Party’s most important fundraising event of the year. Democrats from Pensacola to Key West will gather in Orlando for the final time before the August primary elections, and the funds raised will play a critical role in our plan to take back Florida.”

Mickey Mouse laughing at Ron DeSantis
Credit: Disney/DeSantis, edited by ITM

While every political fundraiser is, by definition, designed to raise funds to campaign against electoral foes,  the Democrats’ choice of venue and language is pretty pointed. Jerez continued, “Last year, we shook up the formula for what a Florida Democratic Party fundraiser could look like — our sold-out gala raised over three-quarters of a million dollars in an action-packed evening featuring keynote speaker Bradley Whitford, multicultural creative talent from all across Florida, and the launch of our new party brand. We’ve got even more surprises in store this year for Florida Democrats, so make sure you get your gala tickets before they’re gone.”

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looking sad in front of the Cinderella Castle at Disney World.
Credit: Inside the Magic

Disney recently had a significant setback in its ongoing legal battle with DeSantis, as a judge dismissed a First Amendment lawsuit against the politician that gained national attention. Still, reports that DeSantis is struggling to come up with millions of dollars to continue his legal battle against the Walt Disney Company show that he may actually be worried about the future. The Mouse and the Democrats together in the same building is news he does not need right now.

What do you think will happen for DeSantis in his feud with Disney if Democrats begin publicly allying with them? Tell us in the comments below!

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