Disney Begs To Hide Confidential Trade Secrets in DeSantis Trial

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Ron DeSantis with the Walt and Mickey statue at Disney World

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The Walt Disney Company has asked a judge to hide confidential trade secrets in its ongoing legal battle with Governor Ron DeSantis and his Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) Board of Supervisors, leading many to question exactly what the House of Mouse doesn’t want leaking to the public.

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Lawyers for the Walt Disney Company recently filed a Motion for Entry of Protective Order with Judge Margaret Schreiber, asking that it be allowed to designate documents and depositions as confidential at its own discretion as part of the ongoing lawsuit. This would also require anyone handling the documents (presumably meaning the legal team for the CFTOD) to sign non-disclosure agreements, further putting a lock on information the company doesn’t want circulating (per ABC).

Ron DeSantis with Disney World castle
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It is unclear exactly what information Disney wants to keep confidential, which is, of course, the purpose of the filed motion. Judge Schreiber has reportedly granted the motion, which was unopposed by the Central Florida legal team.

The legal proceedings between Disney, DeSantis, and the CFTOD have been marked by the media company’s demands for information from the board of supervisors. Disney has claimed that the CFTOD, which replaced the Reedy Creek Improvement District where most of the Walt Disney World Resort is located, has dragged its feet and refused to provide relevant information, while the board itself has shot back that it has given over everything necessary and that Disney needs to basically just deal with it.

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Thus, it adds an interesting extra wrinkle to the ongoing case for Disney to now be the one that wants to keep an iron grip on the information that it provides. Presumably, it involves trade secrets of Walt Disney World itself, but that remains unknown for at least the present time.

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Disney and DeSantis (and, by extension, the CFTOD board, which was appointed by him) are currently locked in a complex series of overlapping lawsuits, the most prominent of which was recently dismissed by a judge in what is being widely seen as a victory for the far-right governor.

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The case in which Disney wants to hide its secrets is related but separate, and concerns the eleventh-hour agreements that the company made before the dissolution of Reedy Creek that allow it to maintain much of its previous power over the area. The case is set to go to trial in March.

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