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Ron DeSantis next to Rapunzel in Tangled

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  1. Cheesy Floridian

    Parents always had a right to know what was being taught in schools. This law just makes it complicated and hateful

  2. Roger Kirkland

    Heaven forbid that parents are actually held accountable and responsible for what their kids do and see. Not all, but a lot of parents want the school systems or anyone else to raise their children because they don’t care enough about their kids to be involved in their lives. That is what is wrong in a lot of cases with kids acting out and being where they shouldn’t or doing things they shouldn’t be doing. RAISE YOUR KIDS!!

  3. Pocho

    Praise Jesus! This law is working, cumbersome at times but well worth it. We need this law in all 50 states and territories. We tell children don’t talk to a
    Stranger in the
    But these teachers who are strangers want to talk to kids about sex.

    1. Joe

      Yes praise the boy who walked on water and turned water into wine.

    2. Patty

      Wait to thought that’s what school is for. Teachers are not “strangers”!

  4. Kungaloosh

    Yup, this is what it’s come to: People convincing themselves that princess Rapunzel is sexualizing their kids, including teens who’ve most likely seen the movie several times already in their own homes while growing up. That’s Florida for ya.

  5. Sally

    Get DeSantis OUT OF OFFICE! He is ruining the “FAIRY TALES” and “MAGIC” for everyone! Wasn’t he ever a child? I’ll bet he saw various Disney movies as a kid! Let children be children and have their fairy tales and their imagination. In my 71 years I have never heard anyone complain about Disney and fairy tales ruining a child’s mind. Pretty soon DeSantis will ruin Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc!!!

    1. Lindsay


    2. Beth W.

      Oh my gosh…I so agree with you! When I was a kid (I’m 73) watching all the Disney movies, I don’t remember ever thinking about anything sexual going on. But then, I had normal parents who didn’t always have their minds in the gutter. To little kids, Disney and fairy tales are magical, and they take them purely at face value…all butterflies and roses. Please DeSantis, quit making everything about sex (it isn’t), and let kids have their magic!

  6. Allysa

    This dude is an absolute moron. When are people going to wake up and realize that his ass needs to be voted out IMMEDIATELY. It’s nothing but nonsense coming from this guy as of late. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Grabster

    I can’t wait for his DeSantis kids to turn on him for destroying disney

  8. Marie

    And…??? I worked in a school 10 years ago, where parents permissions were needed for certain films, activities, etc. What’s the big deal????

  9. Phillip

    Florida, vote in a NEW governor!!!!!!!!!!

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